My very very honest Aimware review

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07-10-2020, 13:34
I've been using this cheat just to try it and see how it performs for it being public there is a lot of improvement needed to be made.
[LegitBot] [9/10]
To start off with the legit bot I'm going to give it a 7/10 the reason for this is because when I first got the cheat (and this wasn't my first cheat mind you) it was actually quite difficult to set up the legitbot mostly because the multiple weapon configs I would switch a gun on accident and it would switch guns in the config from adaptive configuring but overall if you want a good legit bot don't bother with those legit cheats you can find for like 10$ spend 10 more and aimware will actually do really good.
[RageBot] [6/10]
Oh boy aimware ragebot.... This cheat preforms when it doesn't want to miss or isn't caught sleeping. The problem with aimware ragebot is for 1: I remember a good while before I decided to try and renew my sub the ragebot would hit p the doubletap was on fucking fire and then over that 2-3 month period I think they might have fucked the double tap now it feels slower and less usable but still working. The resolver will dump sometimes and then sometimes your tapping everyone in sight in ur fov hitting ones and then you miss that one guy so now your screwed the ragebot overall is ok but definitely needs some work.
[Visuals] [8/10] I love love love all the visual features they all are very pleasant to looks at and they are very customizable but the only problem I seem to have is how the visuals are a little difficult to set up mostly because the top right tab is how you switch and it can be a pain to switch visuals and how some of the visual options are not optimized but that isn't bad my pc can handle it.
[Misc] [10/10]
I really don't have anything to complain about in here only minor things like the clantag spammer chat advertisement and name spammer being in enhancement and not the default tab but I think it's ok the auto strafe is great everything in misc works perfect and a cool feature is unlock steam achievements even if your on your main it won't get your account banned at all.
[Menu] [10/10]
I added menu into this review because it has a very iconic menu if you see anyone with this menu its a instant click in your head oh thats aimware if that's good or bad then that's up to you but overall I love the look of this menu all the little animations on tabs or even opening the menu it's visually appealing and I love it a lot.
[Cheat Overall] [7/10]
I feel a little generous with this but it was mostly the ragebot to bring the cheat down but overall this cheat is very fun to use if your not going up against some sweaty hvh nerd that tries the hardest.