My review after almost 4 years of usage

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04-10-2020, 23:57
[size=3]Legit Bot: 10/10 easy to set up and you can make it look very legit.
[size=3]Rage bot: 7/10 With v5 it is a lot easier to set up than before but the resolver has been wired at times. sometimes I hit all of my shots other times I dump.
[size=3]Visuals: 10/10 The visuals are great and better than before. 
[size=3]Skin Changer: 5/10 the cheat does not allow to use custom skins, for example, AK47 Fade, I feel like this should be standard also the knives don't have the star icon and doesn't show the knife your using when you kill someone.
[size=3]Misc: 10/10 has pretty much everything you need.