My brutally honest review

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04-10-2020, 23:09
i have had aimware since 2019 and has been my main cheat for a while im gonna make this review short and sweet so i don't waste your time
for me the legit bot is 【10/10】
it very simple to config it and it looks very smooth to others 
very simple to set up a config and hop in a game i haven't had any bugs using it
and if u want a legit/rage cheat its perfect.
for me ragebot is 【8.5/10】
i think ragebot is very strong but it needs some updates/bug fixes
but its still amazing haven't had any issues with it 
i can tap most cheats very easily
and if u are new its not that hard to config it
but like any other cheat it has its off days.
for me visuals are [size=3]【10/10】
i like the visuals because they are simple and u can do a lot with them
i think they are better than most other cheats visuals
very simple to setup.
Misc is [size=3]【10/10】
[size=3]it has everything u need/want 

[size=3]Ok that's my aimware review hope it helps anyone thinking of buying aimware