my honest Aimware V5 review after 4 months

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03-10-2020, 17:19
Hello! this is my 100% honest review not jokin or lyin trust me truly honest so aimware has been tapping tons of cheat today and decided to make a review
Legit Bot: 10/10      just perfect
Rage bot: 8/10       its super good but its super hard for new ones to configure there own since there new
Misc: 10/10            contains everything
Bhop: 10/10           makes you go speed demon xdddddddd
Resolver: 9/10       its good but sometimes it didnt resolve in time but yeah its hella good
Visuals: 10/10        its very epic and has alot of options of what type of visuals u want like alot of options

yeah thats my honest review its 57 / 60     and it sometimes tap gamesense lol its very good bro i did a 3 v 4 and i got 3 aces since i love stealing kills
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04-10-2020, 12:54
Thank you for your testimonial.

Best regards,
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04-10-2020, 19:26
I feel like it's just become a meme to say that AW is shit. It's not true at all.

The ragebot feels really good and with the right config it performs really well. Sure, there could be some minor improvements but it's not like they stopped updating it completely.

Nice review.