First impression of AimWare after a few days

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20-09-2020, 10:38
So, I've been using AW now for a few days and I already have to say a few things:

The Ragebot of AimWare is trashtalked and underrated way too much. It is hard to configure, but as soon as you understand how the configuring on AW works, you hit P almost every round. Not to forget, it's Ragebot is very bipolar (just as on every other cheat), which means that it sometimes kills everyone within a few seconds and sometimes it doesn't. All in all the Ragebot is one of the best out there at the moment.

Nothing much to say. Highly customizable Legitbot with a REALLY P triggerbot (I mean really P, the best triggerbot I've used so far). For semiraging it's also very good. Not the greatest, but you can easily win against other semiragers if you're good at it.

Also nothing much to say, good looking and highly customizable visuals, just as they should be. Also never getting any FPS problems.

Many different useful features. It doesn't have any outstanding features but it does it's job.

One thing I'm sad about is that most good LUAs are outdated and just don't work anymore. It's not AimWares fault but it has to be said I think. Even though many cool and useful LUAs such as the walkbot are outdated, there are still other LUAs which work perfectly fine and make your experience better.

I do not regret buying AimWare. Actually I'm pretty glad I did buy it. If my opinion changes or if I have any additions to say, I will make a new thread :)