My review on aimware v5

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13-09-2020, 12:41
After 3 days of using aimware and testing it, i decided to write this review.
Legitbot - 9/10
I've been using aimware's legitbot in different matches and i can say it's good. I will use it in prime also, i like it and it has good features for semi-rage.
Ragebot - 9/10
I used more than 5 paid cheats in the last 6 months, even private cheats and more expensive than aimware, but i'm surprised at how ragebot performs. I can easilly drop 4ks, 5ks and even 6ks sometimes. [size=3]On other cheats, the ragebot was unstable. a lot of people say aimware is bad, but it's not. It's actually pretty good. the double tap is also fast. the resolver is decent.
Anti-aim - 8.5/10
The legit aa is decent, but i didn't used it often. the rage aa is good, i can make people miss my aa even without luas. if u use luas, and know how to make good aa settings u can make pretty much every other public cheat (and some of the private cheats) dump. Also the fake head exploit is cool, everyone misses me :)
Visuals - 8/10
The visuals look good, not the best, but i like them. they are quite customizable and the preview is nice, but it would be even beter if u can preview how the chams look. It's good enough anyway.
Misc - 9/10
In misc there are basic features but also some unique features, that no other cheat has. 

final rate: 8.70 
good cheat, probably one if the best public cheat, and it's impressive that it didn't got cracked.
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