My opinion on aimware

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06-09-2020, 08:11 - Edited by Sestain on 12-11-2020, 12:42
Legit: 8/10
Legitbot is semi easy to setup if you understand how it works you can make it very good. There is so many things that you can customize in legitbot that I didn't even know what everything did.
I recommend this legitbot for people who knows how to config and has like 1-2 year experience.

Rage: 7/10
Ragebot is good if you know how to config.
AntiAim has a lot of customization but some problems like when you timeout for a moment (lose connection to server for like few seconds) antiaim starts rotating slowly or flicks to side but I think that not so big of a deal. 
Doubletap (Rapid) is good if you understand how it works because I tested it and found that if you switch to auto-sniper from knife and have fakelag on it will recharge everytime and there is no way to delay this charge. There is a way to fix this issue and that is to turn off fakelag ofc.
Hitbox points system was weird for me at beginning when v5 was released but now I understand it how it is meant to be use.
Min Damage should be more customizable because when I put my min damage to 100 it doesnt always do 100 dmg and I want to set it to like 103. With auto-sniper I use 20-30 min dmg but sometimes I want higher min dmg if enemy is visible. (Yes I know there is lua scripts but I don't want to use so many scripts at the same time.)
Resolver is good but some times dumps but thats what every cheat does every now and then.

Visuals: 8/10
Visuals are very good. Chams are very good and customizable. 
Overlay is good there is a bug with keybind settings when trying to bind health bar and number to any key it just doesn't turn on or off (Yes I know I can use a lua for this problem too).
Overlay ammo bar should have numbers too so its easier to tell what weapon has most ammo and how much [size=4]ammo has enemy too.
Overlay dormant is good.
Sound esp is good but not the best because it displays teammates sounds too and sometimes it displays it from too far a way or I just have bad hearing ( Permanent Hearing Damage ;( )
Grenade Warning, Tracer and Inferno are good.
Skin changer is easy to use.
Anti-OBS is perfect.
Anti-Screenshot is good for steam screenshots.
Performance Options helps sometimes.
Effects Removal is good thing too.

Misc: 9/10
Misc has a lot of features some of them are good and some of them I never use.
Bypass sv_pure is best thing because I can use custom models.
Show Spectators is good so I know when to play more legit and when not.
Show ranks is good so I can tell if I'm close to lose a rank or getting a rank.
Auto-Accept Match wasn't in v5 at beginning but when they added it was best thing because I could just afk when searching a game of csgo.
Log Damage is good so I can tell my teammates how low somebody is when I die.
Fast Duck is broken I think.
Slide Walk is good if using legit aa or normal aa.
Edge Jump is good in maps like mirage.
I don't personally like to use auto-strafe because I want to strafe manually because I'm good at it. (I use WASD movement strafe in HvH)
Fakelag is good only problem is that when you enable peek in fakelag its on without turning fakelag on.
Fakelatency works fine.
Chat Spam is good because its not that fast anymore.

I will give aimware 8 out of 10 rating.

I have used aimware for 1 year in total almost even I created my account in 2018.