my opinions on aw :)

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  • First day 10/10

Ok so i got aw cause everyone always caps on it and also i can also buy lifetime (like imagine paying 150 fucking euro a year for a shit cheat) ok so downloading the loader is simple and self explanatory and injection is the same smooth sailing(unlike a 150 fucking euro a year cheat) csgo should open automatically if you have it set up to do so. The menu is very clean and pleasing to look at. everything was pretty self explanatory

  • CFGING 9/10 

cfging is simple and self explanatory. (dont say the cheats bad cause u cant cfg)

  • Visuals 10/10

chams are very sexy they have many options like bubble (which is my favorite) and u can combine colors to make some sexy ass shit. esp is also sexy and is simple to use 

  • Misc 8/10

misc is decent could use more features but all in all is cool and has many unique features and actually contains alot of usefull shit 

  • Legitbot 10/10

the legit bot is amazing and never got me ow banned. its pretty straight forward. you can go super obvious or super legit and no one suspects cheats. hands down the best legitbot i've used 

  • Antiaim 8/10

the anti aim in this cheat is fairly decent, it does its job. ive made people dump my body and head with autos but sometimes i do get tapped idky the aa just loves to merge with my real all the time. but the fake head is amazing i can basically make anyone dump with it

  • Ragebot 9.7/10

the rage in this cheat is very good tbh it taps from any range and the dt is insane. yeah sure the resolver is not perfect but u can still tap with the right cfg. 
  • Summary 9.9/10 

aimware is a good cheat dont let idiots who dont know shit fool you. with the right cfg and brain you can tap dont expect to throw random settings in and tap. u actually have to take your time making a cfg that suits your playstyle. and no dont go out searching "FREE P AIMWARE CFGS" on yt cause that wont get you anywhere most of them are ass and also dont go out buying cfgs either cause most are ass (i learned that the hard way) so i strongly suggest u go make your own cfg and test it out and keep improving it. 
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31-08-2020, 14:06
Great review! I absolutely agree with you, the right settings on aimware makes heads pop right off.