not as bad as people say

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27-08-2020, 00:11
Legitbot 10/10- By far the best legitbot on a multicheat (rage and legit) i can basically max out all settings and still look legit, not mutch to say really anyone can back me up on this
Ragebot 9/10- never heard of someone who knows how to cfg say the cheats horrible, it takes a bit to cfg but once you got it you will almost always go positive, unlike onemiss the resolver can shoot body and head consistently with extremely fast dt. 
Anti-Aim 9/10- actually pretty good anti aim, i wasn't a fan at first but once i realized how to cfg it i could consistently get scouters to miss head and when i added fakelag i basically just never died to scouters after that. 
visuals 10/10 - much better than v4 visuals i like these a lot, again not much to say for this tab other than they did a good job on it, + far esp is a big bonus 

PS- ok so im going to make this short because i dont feel like typing a 2 page essay. As you hvh you will always see people talking shit on aimware, this cheat has been out since 2014 and has more or less performed the same, people dog on it because they dont know how to cfg, as someone whos been cheating since late 2017 i can say aimware isnt a cheat you can just throw random numbers at, it takes skill but once you get it you'll top frag majority of games dont listen to what these newcomers are saying and try the cheat out for yourself. Its not nearly as bad as people say and you can rip heads :). 
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27-08-2020, 10:06
thank you for the review!
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27-08-2020, 13:20
100% agree 
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27-08-2020, 17:39
100% agreed. Been going nuts with aimware recently, 30-4. p100 cheat. 

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03-10-2020, 03:24
agreed rage bot rally good