aimware review from a 1-year experience

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15-08-2020, 20:45
The important things first.
 Aimware is one of my favorite cheats and I recommend everyone to try aimware once. I got my first aimware sub a year ago and I really need to say the cheat performs good but they need to update it more frequently.
The legit bot is a 9 out of 10 because the legit aa is sometimes flicking in OW demos 
The rage bot is good. After the last resolver update, aimware didn't miss a single shot for the next 2 - 3 weeks and the Dubble tap is very op if you can config it right. But now aimware is sometimes missing out of no resond. I think they just need to update the resolver frequently. If the resolver gets updated more frequently the rage bot is a 10/10. And when they add more anti aim functions it is an 11/10 :)
The visuals are clean and easy to configure. I just love the glow visuals they just look good. 
The skin-changer is a nice feature but its very confusing. I first thought that aimware added an Inventory changer but sadly no. The skinchanger has some bugs ( skin names not loading/gloves going silver ). But everything else is working perfectly and ist glitchy.
MISK 10/10 
I don't really need to say anything about Misk they work how they should work :)
MENU 9/10 
The aimware me menu isn't finished that's why I give it 9/10. the menu is unique and I have never seen a better-looking menu in other cheats. The red and black is just nice. 
I don't get fps drops but my friend with an older pc gets huge fps drops.
LUA 9/10 
a great addition to the cheat.
SUPPORT 10/10 
The support is great. I never had a problem. quick HWID resets and great Subscription support. 
All the people that have problems with the support: "You all need to chill the support is only human and if you spam them with messages you deserve to get ignored."
[size=3]OVERALL 9/10 
Update the cheat more often and it will be above the stars. Its a P cheat and I would recommend it.