My review with my first month of aimware.

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15-08-2020, 18:09
Hello, You are here looking at my review wondering if you should buy aimware. Well just go ahead and read below!

So first things first, The rage bot, It is good i must say and easy to work arround, The only issue i have is the resolver. it may need 1 update but its still good.

Now the Anti Aim,When i first got Aimware it was confussing but after i learned everything its pretty good, Its weird to learn at first but really good.

The Visuals, I really dig the Aimware visuals and how customizable they are. You can really do anything wth them.

Now last but not least. The legitbot. Noqw i havent really used it for myself yet but all of my buds are saying it is really good for prime cheating.

Overall, I give Aimware a solid 8.5/10. I would say if it got a couple more updates it would be even better than it already is