Review as someone who has used other softwares. (Honest)

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07-08-2020, 18:44
Without a DOUBT, AIMWARE, is the best cheat that I've used for CSGO. It does the job right, and it does it exceptionally well.

But now it's time to give my honest opinion. 

Ragebot : 8/10
I don't know about all these newcomers claiming that aimware is a trash cheat for raging, but for me at least, the ragebot is almost perfect. It's really good at killing whoever you want to kill. If you want to run at people with shotguns and blast them from 10 meters away, you can. However, I would like to note that the resolver itself has not received an improvement since April of this year but somehow, even without a major improvement to the resolver, I'm still able to tap easily. 

Legitbot : 7/10
Let me be clear here, the legitbot is probably one of the best that I've used. It's simple, clean, and works great. You're able to finetune it to be as blatant or legit as you want. I've been using the legitbot for a while on several different accounts, (all while using the same config of course) and I've never been banned. The legitbot is by far one of my favorite aspects of the cheat and I can't wait to see if some things will be improved about it. 

Visuals : 5/10
I'll be honest the aimware visuals by themself, are not very good. You have a limited selection of different types of chams, and unlike on other cheats, they're not very customizable. The ESP received an overhaul a few months ago which definitely helped aimware not look like a paste, but the name esp to me is just very ugly. I wish certain aspects of the ESP were more customizable like how it was in V4, but even with that one little nitpick out of the way, The Visuals is definitely a big improvement from how it was in V4. (p.s. with the help of a lua called Advanced Chams you can customize the chams to your liking!)

Misc : 6/10
The miscellaneous tab isn't bad by any means and it actually houses miscellaneous features that you wouldn't exactly see on other cheats (ex. Player list, give all achievements, auto jump-bug, and the ability to choose how many ticks you want to choke with fakelag via sv_maxusrcmdprocessticks). It's a really good improvement to this tab that is often filled with junk and completely useless features as seen with other cheat providers. (And with the new update, aimware now supports overwatch revealer by default with no luas/external programs needed!)

Lua Support : 10/10
AIMWARE's community is on top of things when it comes to creating amazing and useful luas. There are some actually unique ideas that are executed very well with our amazing lua scripters. aimware's lua API is incredibly big and allows you to do basically whatever you want! If you want to render an image of Donald Trump over someone's box esp and then when you kill them it screams out some retarded quote, then you can. I believe that the API could be extended and more things could be added but in general, it's very good. 

Overall : 8/10
Aimware is my favorite cheat and I'm super stoked for what future updates hold for us. *cough cough* polak pls *cough cough*
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11-08-2020, 05:15
I feel the same way how you feel about people saying Aimware is trash mostly a cfg/playstyle issue very nice review :)