My honest review after 3 months

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05-08-2020, 03:01
[size=3]Legitbot 8/10

[size=3]It gets the job done and can be made to look very legit with the right cfg and iv'e had a very good experience with it on prime and iv'e had no ow bans so far so i think that's the good part about the legitbot only downside being the detection's during some VAC waves making me not want to use it on and good accounts.
[size=3]Visuals 7/10 

[size=3]The visuals look decent enough and aren't cluttered and tell you the information you need to know which is the main point even though the esp boxes are terrible i just disable them like people do with any cheat but what makes actually good is the advanced chams lua, it makes the chams on aimware the no1 ones in my opinion so im giving a high score
[size=3]Ragebot ?/10

[size=3]Im not giving a bold score to the ragebot since the cheat preforms differently depending on where you play so im going to spit this up.

[size=3]Matchmaking 2/10 If im going to be honest aimware is so unreliable in mm so i don't even play it anymore due to that and i dread a mm hvh which shouldn't happen with any cheat, ive honestly won more mm games with legit aa against spin then i have with the ragebot, honestly i think its due to the very bipolar resolver which i genuinely think is broken at this point and also the over complication in the configing part of the cheat which makes it less user friendly and not better with a good cfg at all.

[size=3]HvH servers 6/10 i have only one reason to give it a better score it because of the nutty DT which allows me to do very well in hvh and i can get games with 4kds because with dt the cheat can become unstoppable at times however the DT is a bit inconsistent and can become 3 tick sometimes allowing me to be dt'd faster even if i shoot first but that's already being addressed and hopefully will get fixed. My only other point is the fact alot of other cheats have good dt but have better resolver and preform better (DT isnt the only factor in a cheat)
[size=3]Thats what i have to say about the ragebot if you want to say cfg issue get my cfg here.

If you want to legit/semirage the cheat is cheap and is worth it but if you mainly hvh like me i couldn't see myself recommending the cheat and im debating renewing my sub in a few weeks so i guess this is also a goodbye to aimware.