Detailed CSGO V5 Review

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Loader 10/10
In general, it is very pleasant to the eye, there is all the important information about the subscription, no errors during injection, quick injection
Legitbot 10/10
Simplicity, space and clarity in setting. The triggerbot is just as good, but I don't think anyone else is using it. As for me, the "Magnet triggerbot" function is missing, but this is for semirage
Ragebot 7/10
I must say right away that I only play 2x2 with slaves. In general, the cheat is advanced in terms of rage, remember at least Crimwalk, slowwalk, Desync - all of this (in my opinion) appeared in aimware. But in the current reality I will say that the settings for the weapons are excellent, unfortunately, they are missing in the opposite ot v3. The setup was fine until a recent update. There have been cases when 2 opponents come out on me, my fps is dead. In general, my opinion is that there is not enough good aa and a new recognizer for cheats of the same level
Visuals 9/10
The visuals are easy to customize, lots of settings, and generally beautiful visuals. As for me, "Pulse chams" is missing, perhaps as in v4 several types of boxes. I would also like to change the size of the radar (at low resolution it is large), in-game radar
Menu 10/10
The menu is very nice, the components are beautifully executed. The explanation for the functions is great. The search function is also very useful for beginners. Waiting for the color change gui
Misc 8/10
Basically this section is very good. In my opinion missing "Miss log", old "Name spam" from v4, "Custom Clantag". And for some reason, in comparison with ot v3, I have a very slow bhop, sometimes it lags and stops
Lua 9/10
In general, there is a wiki, great functionality, but as for me js is more convenient and understandable in the code (not critical)
Overall score 9/10
(Personal opinion)
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27-07-2020, 03:15
i agree
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27-07-2020, 19:07

I must say right away that I only play 2x2 with slaves.

same i own slaves for hvh

God 2.0
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01-08-2020, 07:24
You can change the radar scale by clicking on a corner and dragging your mouse.
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01-08-2020, 08:13
[size=4][size=4]i agree