Aimware 100% honest review

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26-07-2020, 18:33

Hello this is my 100% honest aimware v5 review

The legit bot is 8/10 if not configed right can be really snappy

                     ragebot is 9/10 hits most shots easy to config insane antiaim fast dt and if configed right it's INSANE
                     Visuals personal preference 10/10 love the visuals easy to config looks smooth in game + skin changer works instantly    

                      lua system 9/10 really good can crash sometimes
                      fps optimiser 6/10 dosen't really do much fps wise 

                      overall legit bot really good if you know how to config

                       ragebot INSANE if you know how to config /do aa and ragebot and other settings 

                       Overall rating 9.5/10 really good cheat don't want to change anything about it insane <3