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20-07-2020, 00:39 - Edited by Guillelmina on 21-07-2020, 02:37
Legit 9/10
The legitbot on aimware is very good. It's one of THE best I've ever used. Unfortunately I couldn't give it a 10/10 because it is missing some crucial features such as magnet triggerbot and its legit aa resolver doesn't work the best (can't resolve aimware legit aa). Other than that it's very good and looks legit. Oh and it would be nice if it had fakeduck in mm.
Rage 7/10
The ragebot is pretty good and I can avg around 2 kills per round. However, the reason I gave it a 7/10 and not a 9/10 is because the DT is very bipolar. I either hit the DT for lethal and almost instant kill the enemy, or I miss both the shots of my DT and die (with 100 ms delayshot on body). The resolver works farely well, but can definitely be better. I dumped a couple times on edging players. Other than those two things, the ragebot works great.
Visuals 9/10
Aimware finally nailed the visuals. Plenty of options. Not much else to say. I rated it a 9/10 because the inconsistency with the name esp on players and the weapon name esp on players. The name esp looks way fatter than the weapon esp on players.
Menu 10/10
Unique, doesn't look like garbage anymore. Paired with the background lua, the menu looks very nice. Enough said.
Overall 8.8/10
The cheat improved a lot since I last used it in v4 and v3. The menu from v3 to v5 is HUGE. I would definitely recommend this as a starter cheat to someone who wants to start legit hacking. Good job aimware staff. 

[EDIT] I understand that autofire on aimbot can be used as a magnet trigger replacement, but I feel like having a separate magnet trigger would be nice and essential in semirage.
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20-07-2020, 00:43