Aimware V5 review.

God 2.0
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21-05-2020, 04:04
Aim bot - Customization is diverse and easy to work with.
RCS - Looks legit on lower settings but can provide perfect aim with maximum RCS.
Anti-Aim - Haven't used it that much but I've heard it works just fine.
Backtrack: Works very well. Doesn't glitch.


Aim bot - Hits most of the time but can be bipolar
Anti-Aim - It works good enough though it has a hard time making other popular cheats miss. (Onetap, *****, Fatal, etc.)
Exploits: Double Tap works just fine and has no problems. Fakeduck can be improved, it misses a lot and gets hit by other cheats frequently.


General: All the features are good and work fine.
Movement: Bhop is perfect. Auto-Strafe options are more customizable than Onetap but I can't be sure for *****. (Never got it)
Enhancement: Fakelag can make the bhop slow you down sometimes, but it works just fine. Fake-Latency works very well with augmenting the time 
you can backtrack someone.

The menu was better in V4 but change is good and it makes the menu look more modern.


The visuals have all the right settings and don't give you cancer when you look at them. Paired with the right luas, the visuals look cleaner than any 
other cheat. Good job.

General thought:

The cheat performs very well and has all the settings you're looking for. You'll get that premium feel you're looking for. 

You should buy this cheat! 
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22-05-2020, 16:07
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22-05-2020, 21:06
One'd no-name dog, imagine saying that in your mm hvh server.
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22-05-2020, 23:05
Aimware>>>Any cheat
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12-06-2020, 00:43
Beta Tester
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19-02-2021, 16:28
Lazy review.
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19-02-2021, 16:30
Shameless wrote:
Lazy review.

you realize this is almost 6 months old?
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19-02-2021, 21:25
light wrote:
Shameless wrote:
Lazy review.

you realize this is almost 6 months old?