Aimware review.

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08-11-2019, 04:26
Aimware is probably the best cheat on the market just due to the variety of features it has, a lot of people shame it but it really is good and theres nothing wrong with it. People just like to jump onto the bandwagon of what other people say and just assume its true when they have not had/used it. Many say they do but they're just ass at HvH and expect to hit everyone while pushing people in oneways lol.

Ragebot - 8/10 - sometimes misses shots but if you know what you're doing you'll get that 1

Legit - 10/10 - its very good

AA - 9/10 Very good, I really like its autodirection

Misc/Lua - 10/10 So good, very nice with so many people releasing, has such useful and funny luas and it made me want to resub just because of them luas! :D

Visuals - 10/10 It's good, i dont mind visuals and how they look as long as I can see enemy lmao

Overall very nice cheat, looking forward for V5
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09-11-2019, 20:17
Thank you for your honest review :D