The_Belch's Honest Aimware Review (Extremely Long)

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The_Belch's Honest Aimware Review.

So I have been wanting to make this for a couple weeks now and now I have decided it's finally time. I am going to go into a lot of detail about almost every feature in the cheat so please bare with me and stick along for the ride. 


Starting off with the legit bot Aimware has a very dynamic legit bot that is as good if not better than any of the other legit bots I have. It has a lot of features and therefor is considerably difficult to configure just how you would like it. There isn't much more to say about it overall so lets get into the features.

Global Aimbot Settings

Aimware features a master switch and an enable switch. I personally love this because it allows for your legit aimbot to be off but things such as backtrack and legit aa to be on. Next they have an auto fire feature which I don't have much use for personally but I could see the use for it, it's there and it works, not much more to say. Next are 2 keys, Aimbot on key and toggle on key, the first is really nice for three main reasons, first of all the one I use it for which is having it set to mouse1 so it activates when firing, this is the most common use but there are some other great ones as well. The second use is to create a pseudo magnet triggerbot, for anyone that dosen't know a magnet trigger bot is a triggerbot that uses your legit bot settings to aimbot then fire. Aimware doesn't technically have this but when paired with your trigger bot key and auto fire you can make one yourself. And the third reason is for aim assistance. If you have it disabled the aimbot will activate when your crosshair enters the fov of the aimbot, this can be used to make a sort of aim lock feature that can be really nice for very legit cheating and is something I am looking into right now. The toggle key is just a key that toggles the master switch and I can see this more for a streamer cheating wanting aimbot only for clutch rounds etc. Then there is a fire on key setting which can also be pared with the aim on key magnet trigger to make it work to its best. Auto pistol which can be set to fire slower in ms, I use this in my legit configs to either panic spray or have it so it fires as the fastest speed while maintaining accuracy. Friendly fire which in my opinions is useless, if anyone has a practical use for this please let me know, through smoke will lock through smokes, I don't personally use this but if you have your config set up right it could maybe be useful. 

Legit Aimbot

Aimware has a very in depth and well made legit bot. Starting from the top is your smoothing percentage, this will just slow down your aimbot and I love the way its done so it maxes at 30 because all the settings do much more and I have found myself using 1 smoothing and 30 smoothing, the only thing I will say is at around 18 smoothing it becomes so slow it's basically pointless. Next static and dynamic settings for smoothing now I haven't found anywhere where the differences are stated but this is really opinion based and I switch in between them both I mean there could be an argument made to remove static and just have dynamic but I don't mind having them both. Next is randomization and curve, now these are 2 of the most important settings in a legit config and Aimware has done an almost perfect job with them. I'm not here to explain what they do but the one criticism I have is that once you get to around 9 randomization the aimbot starts targeting air and other bones. Other than that two fantastic features! Next is the RCS, now in my opinion this is probably the weakest part of the aimbot because of two reasons, first of all there is no slider for the pitch or vertical and second you can only set strength not smoothing, now I know it uses your aimbot smoothing but I like to have different smoothing for RCS and for the aimbot, other that that it works fine and looks really legit! The way Aimware does its hitbox selection is my favorite on any cheat, you select the priority and then you select the selection method, I like that it's kept very simple and you can only select head, chest and stomach although I would add neck because that gives a mix of head shots and body shots although it's not that important. The hitbox selection methods are amazing as well, starting at dynamic which starts at priority and works down, great for rifles such as the m4 because it isn't a one shot kill. Priority only which is just as it seems, I could see the use for like deagle or awp although I never use it and nearest which aims for the nearest limb to your crosshair, this is a feature any good legit cheat needs. Autowall is a feature I don't really use for legit but I know is a key part of legit hvh, when I was testing I found that it worked but I feel like it would be nice to have some sort of hit chance and min damage slider. Next is target switch delay, and I don't have much to say about this other than it works. Dynamic FOV is what FOV is called in Aimware now i'm not sure what they mean by Dynamic because it isn't said anywhere but other than that it's great and as with smoothing the max fov is 30 leaving for a much neater looking slider. Moving on to first shot delay, this is really nice for almost every gun at some point the only thing I would say is make a switch that can make it so it's dynamic, basically no matter what your delay is set to once you get to the enemy it fires just so you aren't sitting locked onto their head. Filter should be re named to hitbox filter or hitboxes, but other than that maybe add pelvis and it works fine so not much else to say. Last thing I will say is that I think there should be more options for per weapon configs, like for example Deagle and AWP should have their own.

Trigger Bot

The trigger bot is pretty simple has an auto fire setting which I think is pretty useless seeing as the main aimbot already has that. So not sure what that's there for. Obviously has a place to set a keybind. Anyways moving on to the much more interesting stuff, it has hitchance which is nice because it means the trigger bot won't go off shooting like a mad man or will go off shooting like a mad man but in all honesty it's a really important feature for a good triggerbot. Next, is the mode now it has 4 modes, normal, recoil only, spread only and both. They are all really useless for legit other than spread and recoil which I think should be the default and the option to change it should be removed as it is just confusing. Delay, is really good again because the slider goes from 0.00 - 1.00 leaving a small slider only featuring the range a normal person would use, same goes for overburst which is another feature all good triggerbots need. I think Aimwares could be greatly improved though because setting it to 2 seconds just makes you spray and it stops bursting once you kill them. So I think the max should be lowered and it should continue firing once you kill them. And through smoke which I again would never use but do see the need for it (Legit HvH) but really if you are playing legit don't use it.

Extra (Misc)

Position Adjustment should just be re named to backtrack, and an extended backtrack feature would be nice. Other than that works really well. Legit AA, now this is a very new feature so I don't know a ton about it yet but from what I have seen, automatic doesn't work that well (at least not for me) and I am not sure if it shows on overwatch but I wouldn't be surprised if it did. Stretch and Balance should be renamed to left and right and a menu option to set a bind to toggle between the two should be made. The three conditions need tool tips because they are a bit weird and I personally don't use any of them and don't think they are that useful. 



I realize as I get to rage this is going to take me hours to write so i'm going to speed it up. Same with legit there is a master switch with an aim bot switch, I use this for doing shit in bot arenas with aa/visuals. Aimkey, this is for making more of a Boring style config. FOV range is for the same kind of thing or legit HvH. Speed limit is great and works fine but I think it should be improved a little bit (so it never fucks up, not sure if it even does now but still) and be forced to auto and removed from the menu to get rid of clutter. Silent aim, should be a checkbox since no one plays servers with server sided anti aim and i'm not sure if it's even a thing anymore. I have used friendly fire once in my life and it was on a 5v5 server to troll. Other than that completely useless like in the legit bot. I don't really know if aim lock is good or bad because it's to hard to tell but I don't notice a huge difference with it on or off. Anti Spread, not sure if it dose anything when no spreading but i'm sure it dose so not commenting on it. Anti Recoil should be forced on and removed form the menu. Tazer hit chance is a little awkward because it doesn't really have a perfect home in the menu so maybe V5 will see a cozy spot for it.  


Position Adjustment is pretty good on aw, although it could be improved. Last Record can and should be removed as it is pointless af and simply bad. Other than that adaptive is really good. Rapid fire should be removed as it was patched ages ago and the only place it works is offline with bots (ngl shooting 15 times with an ak at once it pretty lit) but none the less it has no place. (I actually got it to quintuple tap with an m4 in an hvh server but I could only get it to work on my legit config which didn't make sense but kinda interesting).

Anti Aim

Starting with pitch, I don't see any difference between emotion and down not sure if that's just me. No point in having things like up or zero because there is custom which is way better than having those to. Mixed is ass just a fact. Custom is very nice to have but once you get to 80 or -80 adding more dose nothing. And switch deserves a place just cuz. Going to yaw, spin bot is buggy and bad for example 16.1 speed fucks up everything and bugs it out. Its faster at 17 than 20 and only becomes "slow" lower than 1.8 also having negative values for a speed is kinda dumb. Jitter is only really useful below 70, and gets buggy past 120. Zero is kinda weird also and i'm assuming it was a fake angle thing and in that case it should be removed. Switch also gets buggy depending on what the speed is set to 100% and gets above 36, for example at 78 it becomes static, although I do use it at a lower speed and its very p. Shift slows shots down but other than that it's pretty good. Also on edge is really weird and most people just set it to all off, I think a better replacement would be a setting for in air.

Global Anti Aim

At Targets isn't bad but can fuck up because it's not human but that's expected. Same with auto direction, desync is the best one in my opinion and desync jitter is kinda weird and in my opinion is not used enough to have a place in the cheat. Default is like freestanding and is pretty good but has the same issue with getting confused. Manual AA is one of the main things that needs to be added and hopefully will be added in V5. The fakeduck on aimware is really weird and to complicated for me to call it good, see it works fine if autodirection is off and if desync is off but once either of those go on it starts to move around on its own and gets hit, the obvious fix for this is force disable desync and autodirection/at targets. Shift on shots works really well on the first shot but after that it dosen't work as well but it's like that on all cheat, and I think aimwares is one of the best. The anti aim conditions are all good but some of them are inverse of the other for example Dormant disables when the checkbox is enabled but the rest enable aa, so that's a little awkward inconstancy. And stand velocity threshold works fine.


Starting with autowall calculation, I don't notice a huge difference between the two and I think almost all users use accurate and the only thing I have heard is that optimized gives better fps. Autostop works fine and is very good, never activating at the wrong time or not activating. Autostop crouch isn't the most useful feature but I have found success with it in the past so no hate lol. Now autostop key on the other hand has 0 uses, tbh I didn't even know it excised until right now defiantly remove that. Hitchance is fine but the calculation seems a bit odd, technically if hit chance is true to it's word at 100% hit chance you should never shoot but aw still shoots and I have even missed with it, so I don't want to come off in the wrong way because I really don't know a ton about all the technical side of stuff but for example on most other cheats I use around 40-65 hc and on aimware I never use below 62 and even 62 isn't good anymore. Mindamage works fine but shot verification could be improved. Autoscope is fine and so are both the settings. For target selection, next shot and lowest latency should be removed, never in my life have I seen anyone or used either of those, and distance is pretty useless also but I don't see a reason to remove it. Hitbox priority is fine I guess, tbh I use head on everything including awp but for awping alone I see the reason to have it. Bodyaim hitbox is good. Hitbox selection options and method are both great. Body aim after x shots doesn't work all the time, it's really hit and miss, sometimes I will just shoot head even after 2,3,4,5 shots with it set to 2 and sometimes it will baim after one. Body aim if under x hp is weird because the way it's described it seems like the cheat will NEVER target body unless the hp in under x, and it really does seem that way, so if it is like that make it prefer body under x hp so it can still baim above it if its a better option and if its already like that reword please! EDIT: A last note for accuracy, playing with aw recently I realized that I don't think the resolver is the whole issue with missing shots, the pretiction is just not good enough. I noticed I mostly miss on moving players not on people standing still.  Anyways just a though!


So in my opinion hit scan is more than 50% of your config and it has to be sooo low; for example if I use over 25 headscale I will miss a significantly more amount of shots than lower. Other than that it's a great system and it's organized very well only other thing is I would add feet as at hitbox.


Visuals is one of the parts of the cheat that just seems neglected, some of it is done really well but other parts of it not so much. 


Starting with shared you have your master switch and your visuals toggle key, these two things work in unison and are great for playing legit. I could see tons of uses for this, to enable walls in a 1v4 or when you die to help your team. Very nice! History ticks should be renamed to backtrack chams and is great how it is right now but I would love to see backtrack lines! Glow alpha should be removed and changed VIA the colors tab. Render far models is nice to have toggle able as it kills your fps. Team based colors is ok, I would never use it but again I would see people that would. Same goes for team based text colors. Weapon styles is great how it is. So are anti screenshot, anti obs. I think preserve killfeed should be moved to misc and given a timer in seconds. 


The system used to filter esp and chams right now is very good but whats below it is just weird. What. Is. Dronegun. Please just tell me it has always gotten under my skin, other than that, sounds is kinda ugly and weird and footstep rings would be way better. And dormant is great but a fade timer would also be awesome!


This is where stuff gets messy, starting with box esp everything starts strong until you realize, the outline for the 2D box is stuck on. The toggle works for EVERY other settings so why not 2D? 3D is kinda cool, edges are fine although maybe just have it so you can set the length and width of your 2D box. Even machine is cool and I have used it, but why the fuck is there pentagon and hexagon, like never has someone used that. Box outline works on everything but 2D and box precision should be forced on. Names are fine but I feel like there has to be a better font, don't get me wrong the one now is nice and the style is great but there are better ones, it looks a little clumped together. The health bar and number should be attached for the both setting and move down in unison. Armor bar is fine. Weapon esp is fine. Skeleton is fine and so are hitboxes (although they kill frames). The chams on aimware are sub par, color is great, material is great so are both the wireframes, invisible also fine but the metallic is just awful the texture to shine and give depth is so ugly and so are the colors when using it. Also plz add inverted glow :). XQZ is fine. The glow at high alpha looks like it was drawn in paint but at low alphas is fine (7 and under). Headspot is cool but aimpoints are really dumb and don't really need to be there. The flags are all ok but a fd indicator should be added for V5. The next 3 features are all fine. The damage indicator is nice but it would be nice if the color could be changed. 

Misc Visuals - Yourself Extra

Thirdperson is fine how it is but a keybox should be added so the console isn't needed. Debug fov is good because it caps it at a good value but with the hand fov changer there should be a view model changer added. Hand and weapon chams both great but same issues as before (metallic and inverted glow). Fake ghost should be a checkbox for desync chams because tell me this if its a FAKE ghost why is there an option to draw your REAL model. Match hitboxes and smooth animation should be forced on and removed from the menu. 


No sky works but a sky color changer would be cool with that so it's not just black. Asus walls works, Asus Props works. Skybox changer works but a custom skybox changer would be nice.


No flash, smoke and visual recoil all work. Scope remover works and is fine (maybe rainbow scope). All the no rendering is good.


The crosshair is nice but should have an option to disable your real crosshair with it. Recoil crosshair should just make the active crosshair move to the bullet point. Radar is fine. Grenade tracer is fine. Bullet tracers are buggy af, sometimes they show like 1-7 tracers for one shot. There should be a simple wall bang cross hair added (dot that turns green) and have an option to change between aw's and that one. Out of view are fine.



The auto restrictions doesn't work for custom offline maps. Menu key and panic key are great. Spawn Protections and Reveal Ranks are great. 


The player list isn't useful for the average user and if people aren't careful they could get fucked up by up pitch because it automatically sets all to down, other than that its ok but a little confusing. Spec list doesn't save position, the mirror view is ok, but I don't think many people really ever use it. The skin changer is pretty decent but some things that could be added to improve are all models, a separate skin config, stickers and live stattrack. The spy camera is cool but not very practical. 

Log Events

All awesome just PLEASE LOG MISSES.


The bypasses are a little confusing, it would be nice to be given an example of what each did like say one thing that bypassing client side will do just to give an idea, or say to use custom models bypassing sv_pure is needed. Also putting a big button that says bypass sv_cheats is very misleading. And what does show hidden cvars do (I know)? Just some more info for newer people.



The legit autohop could be improved by adding a max hits or a hit percentage other than that it's great. Auto jump bug is P. Mini jump is weird and pointless. Edge jump is P. Again duck jump isn't great because it slows you down so much. Fast duck and slidewalk are great. Slowwalk should probably be under rage bot, I get the idea that its technically a misc feature just no one uses it outside hvh. Quickstop is great.


All the autostrafers are amazing and my favorite out of any cheat. Ground strafe is really bad all it does is makes everyone see that your cheating and makes nades go off in random directions. Everything else is great.


The knifebot settings are all pretty good, I think the default one should be a mix between the quick and the regular default, because right now at 100hp it goes for 2 backstabs. Auto accept works fine. 


The autothrow nade feature is soooo good just one issue is it doesn't take movement into account so if you start moving when its about the throw the nade goes flying. 



Overall Aiwmares fakelag is pretty trash compared to other cheats, it makes you shoot less and slower, completely goes to shit in mm and is very confusing. So I have made plan to improve it. First, the actual fakelag needs to be improved. Once that's done max server possess tick needs to be auto checked and applied and removed from the menu, peak distance has no unit so is pointless and hard to configure. There needs to be settings for standing, moving and in air. Things need to be labeled better. Boom now aw has the best fakelag again.

Fake Latency

Its great but probably could be merged with fake lag and doesn't need its own tab.

Speed Hack

Speed hack can be straight up removed, it has no purpose in 2019.

Name Stealer

Works great

Hit Markers

Hit markers are great but some different/custom sounds would be much appreciated. 


Chat spam is cool but a custom one would be sick as well as a custom kill say. Name spam is great, invisible name is great and so is the clantag changer although custom clantags would be awesome!


Its fine the way it is, but I better system would be to be able to change all the esp colors with a little box beside the toggle switch and the menu colors there. (Would also be nice for the lua api)


The way the settings tab is done is very good and very efficient I would not change a thing about it! And the search feature doesn't get enough love! 


The console is something I have always loved but I feel like it is under appreciated. Most people think all the console is for is third person but they are so wrong. I use the console every single day with all my configs. You can bind ANYTHING to ANYTHING, it's so good. Like for an example you could set a bind that changes all your point scales to way higher for close range like this:
bindtoggle "key" rbot_autosniper_hitbox_head_ps 20 80 1
bindtoggle "key" rbot_autosniper_hitbox_chest_ps 20 80 2
bindtoggle "key" rbot_autosniper_hitbox_stomach_ps 20 80 3
bindtoggle "key" rbot_autosniper_hitbox_pelvis_ps 20 80 4

The console is just so underrated and such a great feature.


One of the worst part of Aimware though is the forum, it's complete hell. From constantly going down to unusable formatting when making threads such as this, aw really needs to part ways with my bb. For a company this professional and great they should be hiring someone to re do this. There are also tons of shit posts and the forum is barley moderated. Although never having done one before I have also heard HWID resets are hell. I understand how hard it would be to transfer all this data over but I think it would be understood and much appreciated. 



In my opinion Aimware has one of the best rage bots but it is lacking in a few places. First of all the optimization of the cheat is just so bad right now. And I don't know anyone that would argue this. When your fps is lower than the server tickrate it completely fucks the aimbot, the aa, everything so I think this should be one of Aimwares main focuses for V5. Next is the resolver. Although the resolver gets TONS of hate I don't think it's as bad as people say, I do belive though it could get some huge improvements. And the last negative is the fakelag and the breaklagcomp these two things could be greatly improved and I don't feel I have to go into detail about it. Overall the aimbot is very solid and I never fail to slap kids in hvh with aw so I would have to give it a 7.5/10


I don't want to spend any more time here, it's great and it dose its job. But because I had some negatives I can't give it a 10/10  it has to be a 9/10


Aimware is full of misc features but some would even argue too full so I am giving it a 9/10


The visuals are just a bit outdated that's all, they really aren't bad. 7/10


I have some suggestions for Aimware that I have not stated yet. First of all, make a more formal crash log system that has the crash ID and then an explanation of why you crashed, I would be happy to do it if I was provided the info. Next, hire some more mods, I think the staff team is a little to small right now for how many users there are, even just 1 forum moderator and 1 support mod would be sufficient. And I found this weird bug, when I open my loader I don't have the option to inject beta, please fix. Thanks! Keep up the great work AIMWARE!

- The_Belch#1231


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+rep aimware needs a new update and the things that you said are true , Polak it time to work
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+1 very good review and true one too
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Alright belch Im gonna give you a High Five for this one. Still want my 1v1. anyways good ass review +1!!!!!
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this is so true
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19-10-2019, 20:16 - Edited by LikeAfaggot on 20-10-2019, 11:23
holy fuck this guy wrote the freekin bible in a review (dont get me wrong, thats good cuz it has more details then the other ones ive seen here on forums)
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i disagree on some stuff but overall a good review
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20-10-2019, 17:50
I agree on everything, also the optimized autowall shoots spots that it can't shoot quite often (for example on the aim_botz map, office and mirage), normal autowall drops your fps by so much on mirage when you're looking at palace with even only one enemy.
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Damn what a nice review ! That’s the longuets review I’ve ever read in this forum.. I completely agree with your review and you did a great job! Have a great day
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'BigBooTirehead' wrote:
I agree on everything, also the optimized autowall shoots spots that it can't shoot quite often (for example on the aim_botz map, office and mirage), normal autowall drops your fps by so much on mirage when you're looking at palace with even only one enemy.

Ah sick!