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14-10-2019, 20:49
I have been using aimware for few months and I must say that you guys are doing a really good job and I am happy enough to see the cheat is improving and so is the community. As I have played I have never tried recording any type of videos whatsoever, but I must say that it is really good and the cheat helps me to deal with other cheaters.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the current v4 version of the cheat.

First of all, most important - the Legit misc. Legit bot has surely nothing to talk about, works supposedly great and has many good configurations. Easy to set up and ready to go. Another common factor is the Rage tab. I must say that your anti aims are really good, I have had situations where other 'famous' cheats get to spray my fake etc. Only thing I have noticed recently is the fact I get to lose lots of FPS on player rendering, or when shooting. Please work on that in the future. I sometimes get a drop from 150FPS+- to like ~30FPS. Otherwise everything based on the cheat is good. Other settings like visuals, lua scripting, misc are based on personal opinions. I would recommend spending some time to configure yourself so that you feel comfortable.

Thank you for reading!
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16-10-2019, 06:44
Thank you for your review.