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Simply the BEST
Aimware is hands down the best P2C out there for both it's HvH capabilities & Rage hacking and it's legit bot,
HvHng with Aimware is a real treat, stomping other cheating into the ground will never not be fun.
Legit hacking on Aimware is also god tier, many people say ''durr aimware can't legit lul'' But this is absolute crap aimware has one of the best legit bot's on the market if not thee BEST.
I have NEVER received a vac using aimware and with good legit setting never been overwatched. There is a lot of bullshit about aimware people will say it's detected and an insta vac but is such a load of shit that it's funny aimware hasn't been detected in so long its actually amazing, take it from me a Liftime buyer Aimware is and ALWAYS will be the BEST!
Thanks for the kind words.

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