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AIMWARE documentation, lua scripting, configurations and more.

Configuration Guide

Configurations can be managed in Settings tab

  • Import from Clipboard

    Imports settings copied to the clipboard.
    The following will turn on ragebot:

rbot.master 1
  • Export to Clipboard

    Exports all current settings into clipboard.
    You can then share them on forum in text form. (By pressing CTRL+V)

  • Managing Settings

    To create new configuration, type in config name and click Create.
    Then you can simply save and load it by selecting it in the cheat config list and clicking Load or Save.

  • Loading Settings automatically

    Select the configuration and click Set As Default This will cause the config to be loaded automatically every time cheat is loaded.

Loading Lua Scripts

  • Loading script via Lua Editor

    • Copy the selected script you want to clipboard (CTRL+C).
    • Open Settings tab in the Cheat Menu.
    • Click Create.
    • Click CTRL+V on Lua Editor.
    • Click Run and Save.
  • Loading script via File editing

    • Click Open Settings Folder from Settings->Advanced tab in the Cheat Menu.
    • Make new file called example.lua
    • Paste one of the scripts you want into the file.
    • Save it then click Refresh under Lua Scripts list in menu.
    • Select the script from list and press Load.
  • Loading scripts automatically

    Select the script and click Set As Autorun This will cause the script to be loaded automatically every time cheat is loaded.

  • Running Lua from console

    Open CONSOLE tab in cheat menu and then write the following: "print('Hello from lua');"      --To run lua script directly  
lua.load script.lua                     --To run lua script from file  

Lua Scripting Guide

Start by reading the Lua docs.
For script writing we suggest that you use builtin Lua Editor (BETA) or Notepad++.


Encoding errors might happen on some systems.
Select UTF-8 encoding in the Format tab inside Notepad++ menu.

  • Keep script variables and functions local.
    You should keep most of your scripts functions and variables as local to avoid collision with other scripts.
local localVariable = 0;            --This variable is only accessible from this script.
local function LocalFunction()      --This function can be called only from this script.
  • Global variables should only be used to write libraries or scripts that interact with eachother.
globalVariable = 0;                 --This variable is accessible from all lua scripts.  
function GlobalFunction()           --This function can be called from any lua script.  



The Wiki is still in development. Some things might be missing or incomplete.