honest aimware review

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10-11-2021, 23:46

I have been HvH'ing since late March 2021 and the first ever paid cheat I have ever used was AIMWARE because all free cheats got me vac banned which kinda pissed me off, thats when I decided to get into the HvH community or the community of people who pay for cheats in general.

Lets start with the Ragebot, thats the first thing I had to get used to and work with when overwatch was broken a couple months ago (it still is if you only semi rage):

Back then when I used the ragebot I was really in complete disadvantage against other popular cheats like OT and GS (not meaning to advertise or undermine) but now aimware after the good updates resolves pretty much anything and it feels good using the cheat and hitting headshots 90% of the time with no miss (depends on playstyle and config of course) and also making people on HvH servers think that I'm not actually using AIMWARE, which gave me more hope in the cheat not gonna lie.

Now lets get to the Legitbot:

There is nothing else to say except that its awesome and really customizable.


The Menu looks really good and it feels really good pressing INSERT and seeing it, it feels like the cheat was worth my money and not some random basic menu you see on other cheats that are only meant for HvH and nothing else to make their customers happy.


The Visuals are really nice and beautiful and very customizable, I could already tell the developers put a lot of effort in it, unlike other cheat providers without mentioning anyone of course.

Thanks for reading.
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13-11-2021, 16:18