My Updated Testimonial for Aimware

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07-09-2021, 09:48
First of all i would like to thanks the Aimware team for the job well done of the cheat and the frequent updates.
Legit Bot 10/10 - Best of the best.
Ragebot 9/10 - I used this cheat for matchmaking hvh with my neverlose friends, i was always on top fragger and won the match but they dont know im using aimware... It suites on my playstyle, and i am using only this cheat since last 3 months, so far no regret.. Cheat improves a lot and miss shots are very rare. Always tapping spinners while am semi raging only.
Visuals 9/10 - Great visual options but i hope the bomb esp will be improved like make it bigger icon if bomb drop and bomb dropped indicator in big font. And option to remove hand sleeve.

Thanks to all.
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07-09-2021, 13:45
thank you.