My Honest Review

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23-05-2021, 03:23
[size=3]Hello Folks, i would like to share my latest review right now about the excellent performance of the cheat after some updates made and that's why i decided to purchased lifetime without hesitation.

[size=3]Legit Bot is 10/10 - the legit bot for me is perfect and it is easy to configure.

[size=3]Rage Bot is 9/10 - because it performs very well right now compared before. I fought many spinners last night, and i dominated all of them. I have neverlose and always lose because of bad resolver, but aimware is more advantage right now and it's resolver is insane specially if you have good config and IQ.

[size=3]Anti-Aim is 9/10  - one of the most unhittable AA at the moment, even without LUA.. 

[size=3]Visual is 10/10 - you got everything you need very simple.

[size=3]Overall Review is 9/10.

[size=3]Godbless Everyone and Aimware Team. !!!!