Quick v5 review after having the cheat for a few months.

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28-03-2021, 10:34 - Edited by StarioLax on 28-03-2021, 21:09
Legit Bot 9.5/10

The legit bot works very well as it is intended, with the right settings the aim assist becomes very hard to see. Every gun class can be configured separately in the same config and the smoothing works very well. I do wish though the the silent aim had more customizability than just an on and off switch.

ESP and Visuals 7/10

The visuals tab has nearly everything I would like in a visuals tab, the chams are very customizable to the point where anybody can find chams that they like. Name tag, Weapon, Health, Box etc. all works as intended as well. The world also has customizability to it, although I wish it had a night mode and that the enemy box colour was not tied to the enemy colour on the radar. Also I find that the skin changer bugs out on the knife sometimes. My main issue with the ESP is that quite often it just breaks, and you can't see an enemy. I'm not 100% sure however that this is a problem with the cheat or just my PC not being great so take that with a grain of salt.

Rage Bot 7/10

Rage bot is very simply laid out, has everything that a rage bot would need all in an easy to understand format. I am a big fan of the body aim conditions because it does come in very useful, the anti-aim works but I can't say it's great. The cheat struggles with making a lot of other popular cheats miss like Onetap. Resolver also works but isn't great. The body aim conditions that I said come in useful earlier because i feel like it makes up for the resolvers flaws a lot of the time. Making a good config will help brush over the resolvers faults but many times a good config can't save you. [size=3]Exploits on the cheat like fake duck and double tap work just fine in my opinion.

Misc 9.5/10

[size=3]Does everything you would want in misc. options, movement, fake lag etc. Cant say i would change anything about it, works just as intended, all i can say is that i would like a block bot.

Overall pretty good, i wouldn't say it's great but it does as it was intended, I would recommend you to try this cheat but be prepared for some issues.