honest aimware csgo review

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31-10-2020, 15:42 - Edited by hicctoothforever on 01-11-2020, 12:05
Legitbot:7/10: Legitbot is not bad its good but its drops my fps sooo hard. When im dont open legitbot my fps is 250-500 when im open legitbot its around 80-150. Its so bad. Like 3-4 month ago i dont have problem like that but in these days its drops my fps so hard. I hope they fix that. But other way if you wanna look like not cheating you can use aimware legitbot. with true setting everything is ok.
Ragebot 6/10:Opitimization not too good again but still better than legitbot's optimizition. Resolver is sometimes dumps like .. Any cheat cant resolver perfect but aimware is not too good. Doubletap.. forget that there is no doubletap. Slowest doubletap ever i seen in any cheat. Old doubletap 429x better. And i cant fix it with luas thats the bad part. Fakeduck so cancer. But i can play really good with ragebot. With true settings you can do insane plays. Ragebot is meh. And a last thing. Knifebot. Its have too much settings backtab quickstab bla bla. With default knifebot its slow. When im select quickstab its nice ok but i cant kill anybody with this thing cuz Because cheat prefers to do 2 hits when he will be killed by one hit from the back. Thats the bad part about knifebot. So i cant say its bad ragebot but its not too good. Ragebot meh. Anti aim is good but have some issues and bugs. Sometimes my fakeangle close randomly but anti aim is not too bad. Fakelag is pretty awosome. 
 Misc 10/10: Have everything yoo need and so nice.
Visuals 10/10: The visuals is soooooooo goooood. Skinchanger so easy to use. Chams box or bla bla its pretty epic i like aimware's visuals so much its pretty epicccccc.
Luas ?: I dont know how to code a lua so i cant say anything about that.

So cheat is good but have some issues. Resolver problem doubletap problem moderators and everyone know that issues and i heard of aimware take a big update soon. I hope they fix that issues and do cheat more good
I know my english so bad but i hope everyone understand me.