Hanks review right before my sub runs out :(

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19-09-2020, 08:56
i've already covered most of how i feel about it in my other thread, you can go find it. this is just some additions and opinions that i have formed in the past month.
When i first started using aimware i didn't know what the hell i was doing nor did i know how to configure the cheat properly or any cheat for that matter. just in the past 3 months alone i am confident that i mastered configuring the cheat, i dedicated my time to learning and getting information on how to the cheat works. for everyone who is new and intimidated by the ragebot, i would say there was never a better time to live in for learning how cheats work. Aimwares menu is super user friendly and easy to use, it just takes a little bit of knowledge on how certain features work to make a really good config which the community is more than happy to fill you in on. as far as performance goes, its about the same as every modern safepoint and doubletap cheat. i am more than satisfied with this product and i will happily buy it again. also a lot of people don't realize this but aimware is a cheat provider, which means they are working way more than one cheat right now, their goal is to have a cheat for that game to fill the market for cheats for that given game, they're not really worried on having the best one. and that is totally fine. i appreciate and respect that, these guys are making a name for themselves and going where no cheat provider has gone in the past, they put care into their products and actually update them to make them good and perform well unlike most other cheat providers.

for any of you wondering here's the config i've been using and making for several months. i firmly believe is one of the best you can get right now: https://aimware.net/forum/thread/141146