Hankinators testimonial after 3 months of use

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24-08-2020, 07:39 - Edited by Hankinator249 on 25-08-2020, 23:29
Legitbot: 9/10
There is not much that i haven't said already in my other testimonial. set up correctly it excels, the only issue i have with it is the legit anti-aim, a lot of legits in prime say i "spin" or they see my model flicking when spectating me. i believe this is an issue with lagspikes which i do have a lot of.

Ragebot: 6.5/10
one of the things that i like about the ragebot is it's being constantly updated so what i say now can probably not even be valid any day from now. i feel as if a lot of features that we're very useful got removed and were replaced with an "algorithm" which i feel you should have the option to disable and configure things like hitbox priority on your own kinda like advanced configuration in the anti-aim, i feel that would make room for some more consistent settings than what is being offered. the anti aim is actually very good considering the unnecessary update and in a lot of cases actually works better than before when configured correctly however i do find my real going into my fake quite often and the auto direction feature being worse than before, i would like to be able to set the yaw for left or right auto-direction kinda like before the update instead of using one central one. with the current update i find the cheat is very inconsistent and only maybe works the way it is supposed to in the most ideal conditions. when set up good i do find the cheat could rip heads with scout but its very inconsistent, the resolver seems like it just shoots slightly to the left or right and doesn't even attempt to resolve anti aim but rather just get the shot out as soon as possible which will just get you onshotted. the lagcomp is really bad and causes you to blam shots before they are even slightly peeking. the new hitbox overlap settings seem to not work that well either, but i know that they are getting replaced with a proper safepoint in the next update and is gonna get a force onshot feature which is very useful, hopefully the backtracking gets fixed too because it doesn't even work. quite frankly if aimware had a mega super ultra P resolver then people would consider it better than gaymesense which is why i dont see why the devs don't just make the resolver the center of attention when it comes to updates. all aimware really needs is a good resolver, proper safepoint, better auto-direction and a way more consistent doubletap and it will be the best cheat being offered. also i see more and more cheats coming out with fastduck and fakeduck being able to be uses im MM and i feel like that would be possible for this cheat so hopefully that will be added soon
not much really needs to be said, check my cfg and you will see why i like it. could maybe use a sticker changer and or skin changer with every skin like what ot or gaymesense has, also add client and server impacts and more view model customization
MISC: 8/10
when it comes to the miscellaneous stuff that is built into the cheat like name changer or fakelatency, i think aimware does a very good job with this. there is some stuff that i think is missing in general like autobuy, server region selection, strafe assistance, microphone and regular killsay, custom clantag, infinite duck/working fast duck, keybinds list, name change spammer, local and server impacts, resolver override, force crosshair, inventory unlock, and menu theme.
LUA: 9/10
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damn this test. is so true like all the points u mentioned were 100% accurate 10/10 i really do believe if aw made the resolver 100% priority on all updates that this cheat would be on top, but the beta membersĀ  do say the devs always work on ways to improve it so ig thats good :) . its been a while since we had an actual resolver update that improved it. but i respect the devs for coming out with the updates an listening to the community. but honestly i wish all the misc features u mentioned were updated/added that would make the cheat 100 times better than it is now :)
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02-09-2020, 06:19
+1 agreed ragebot is not best. but good.