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My Testomonial
Background - I bought the $110 USD permanent cheat and I have been messing around with this cheat for around a little over a month but I have some complaints.
I am a legit hacker but I do have some experience in the HvH arena spread and nospread.

Aimbot - 8.5/10

The aimbot is extremely customizable and one of the best, but it can be very clingy and blatant even on 30 smooth. Don't get me wrong, It's very fun to edit and customize to your liking, to smooth, curve, FOV (a given), and a randomizer.

Triggerbot - 8.5/10

Sometimes can be blatant when legit cheating but it's very good and smooth.

Visuals - 9.5/10

The visuals are on par with one of the best. Customizing is extremely fun and easy to navigate. However, the color modding are pretty hard to test on the go. Chams are one of the best I've seen but sometimes it just doesn't work which I'm bummed about. XQZ was confusing for me but I got the hang of everything in visuals and I have to say, I'm impressed with aimware's GUI.

Misc - 7.5/10

Gotta say I'm sort of disappointed with the autostrafe and of the menus within misc. It broke my awp fov so I had to turn it off. The grenade tracers are the best I've seen though.

Ragebot - 10/10

BEST public ragebot that can be customized in basically everyway possible.

Stability, ease of use, ease of access - 8.5/10

Almost fully customizable GUI, I wish there was a dark rainbow effect but those are just wishes. The ease of access is very nice, however, I experience some crashes sometimes. The ease of use is somewhat clingy in a way that newcomers don't understand everything. Very large learning curve but it's one of the best things to learn.
Thanks for your review. Could you PM me the issues you found with the autostrafe and the misc tab so we can take a look?
Also, about the rainbow effect, there should be some scripts in the lua section about this, otherwise, you can request one in the lua request thread.

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