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The best, most unique, and stable cheat
After a two year hiatus, I am back, and I am here to update my testimonial. Very clearly, nothing on the cheat scene has changed because Aimware is still demolishing every other provider.

Aimbot - 10/10

The best aimbot available on the market. Legit and rage. Everyone constantly complains about the legit bot not being configurable enough (it doesn't look legit) but that's just bullshit. The legit bot has speed randomization, curve randomization, dynamic FoV, and RCS control. You can configure it to do anything you want it to, just as much as any other legit bot. Don't lie to yourself and pretend that there is something better. This is the peak. The legit bot also has access to features like backtracking, smoke/vischecks, autopistol, etc. These seem like small things but they are compound quality of life features that make a huge cumulative difference. This bot is easily one of the most customizable on the market and you could very well set it up so that you never get called out in a game ever again. I personally have found configs that let me make every AWP shot without using a triggerbot, which I have not been able to do with any other cheat to the comfort and consistency that I have with Aimware.

The rage bot is Aimware. Dominator of HvH and burner of *****. It is the best. You don't need anything else. I almost never HvH and on my first matches I was actually leading on the scoreboards. That says a lot.

Triggerbot - 10/10

Again, insane customization and accuracy. Easily the best on the market.

Visuals - 9.99/10

I can't get over how amazing the visuals are on Aimware. Seriously, the purpose of visuals is to convey as much information as possible in as short amount of time as possible. I sincerely believe there is nothing better than Aimware visuals. Weapon icons, spacious positioning of text, beautiful ESP, accurate timers, bars, and unilaterally total customization. I have ESP with vis check on in most games and within seconds I am able to gauge what weapon the enemy is using, what their status is, and ammo/hp/armor. They also have ammo bars for weapons on the ground so I never pick up empty weapons anymore. Let's be real, in the middle of a game it is really hard to read information from your ESP. Sure ESP can tell you what weapon they are using and the ammo it has in text, but are you really going to read that while shooting at them? Aimware has bars and icons for almost every feature! So why the 0.01 detraction? Well, I just really want these little things implemented but they are purely opinion-oriented features. Not having them does not detract from the cheat in any way. For example, I'd really like to see a smoke check for ESP, neon-flat chams (total ignorance of shadow/model features), and being able to see money on the scoreboard. Again, these are personal preference features (and I haven't even put them in the suggestion section yet!), but you can be sure that when buying Aimware you are already getting the best of the best.

Misc - 10/10

The most comprehensive and the largest breadth of features out of any cheat provider. Fake lag, auto strafing (with like 5 different options), instant ducking (crouch as many times as you want), fake latency, jump bug, edge jump key, speedhack. Like holy shit, is there anything they didn't include here? I swear I would buy Aimware just for the misc tab alone. They always add in features years before any other provider, and it is always brand new and innovative to the scene. Whether it's airstuck, or a simple jump bug, Aimware is the most unique provider out there.

Stability, ease of use, ease of access - 10

Full GUI customization, full color, not a single crash, and beautiful design. All you do is download the cheat and run it. No USB, no stupid test signing mode, no fucking obscure driver installations, no compatibility issues. You want to see an example of good coding? Aimware. This is good code. It's stable. It's easy to use. It works. I spent all of 10 minutes on my legit configurations and never had to touch them again. On the fly editing is a breeze and nobody on Aimware is going to tell you how you're supposed to use the cheat. You use it like you want to. You want to be blatant? Be blatant. You want to be legit? Be legit. It's a cheat. You can have fun with it, and Aimware really lets you.

Guys for the 2nd time in 4 years, I am telling you, this is the best cheat. Buy lifetime. It's been 4 years and I still use this cheat. This is probably the only good purchase I have made online in my entire life. I have numerous other subs and they really just don't compare. There's always some kind of hassle, whether it's with setup, configuration, stability, or features with other providers. I have none of that with Aimware. Do your wallet a favor. Buy the sub and never use another cheat again.
thank you.
No problem, just speaking the truth. It has truly been a pleasure to use Aimware, and I hope to continue using it for a very long time. (Sorry about the last edit there, I guess my network connection just bugged out a little).

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