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So I am very VERY dumb. The last time I made a review I said that this hack was poor and bad and dog. Well, now I think its time to say that I couldn't just config. I have owned aimware for 4 months now. I have realized how much improvement the coder has made to this hack, VERY rare crashes, amazing anti-aims and support. This is the best cheat, forget private. This hack has everything anyone looks for. Some more than other hacks too. I really enjoy using aimware and really cannot wait to see the improvement in the future. *Special thanks to Oppai, you should buy his cfgs
And to Arpac, Arpac had an amazing config and in which is free. 

There is really nothing more you can ask for, Amazing visuals, support and coding. I would say everything is a 10/10  I would without a doubt, recommend to buy.

I will, for sure, buy again. Thank you and have a nice day.

Thanks for the kind words.
It is fun to use.. now come play >8)

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