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Alright, let's break this down, this sub that I have isn't my first with Aimware, I am a 2018 hvher and I would consider myself to have decent knowledge on how to hvh at this point. I am going to Pick this cheat apart limb by limb and tell you what there is to expect and what is good and bad.

I'm going to break this review down in sections (like other reviews)

Loader: Pretty nice, appreciate the -insecure mode on the loader so that it doesn't delete itself and you can inject while in-game! looks good and works all the time

Legit: As I've said I'm going to keep this review 100% real, I don't really legit cheat but when I do, I don't use aim or triggerbot (I just don't find it necessary). But from trying some of the things out, most of it works well. The smoothing is really good and looks human-like the only thing that I feel that legit tab is missing is weapon specific configs, it already has weapon category configs but I mean for specific weapons so that you can have a different aimbot setting for SG553 compared to AK-47

Rage: I'm going to try to summarize the most imperative things because this cheat has lots of features,
  • Resolver: As I'm sure most of you are wondering if you are going to be purchasing AIMWARE for its HVH capabilities then the resolver is important, the resolver is brute force which means that you will shoot in what seems like random positions at first but you do hit head, you are able to peek aggressively I've noticed. Even though the resolver is brute-force it hits head most of the time when using a scout (I say most)
  • Delay Shot: I don't find using delay shot necessary in spread even if I'm using fake lag, but works quite well in no spread.
  • Anti-Aim: This cheat has got some good angles and offsets you can use, my personal favorite is switch, works well in spread. My only bone to pick with the antiams is if people go dormant then it seems the aa will flip to backward, which can get you tapped sometimes if you're using an auto but freestanding is good for scouting. My head is almost never hit unless I'm playing like a retard
  • Fakewalk: Works well as well, personally I use 7 speed and I hit all the time when fake walking (and people don't hit me most of the time)
  • Weapon Tab
  • Autowall: There are two options for auto wall Accurate and Optimized, don't use optimized, most of the time you won't hit, but Accurate works all the time and if I can shoot through it the cheat will shoot
  • Hitscan: Hitscan in this cheat is the hardest part to figure out when just starting, but after getting used to it, it becomes a breeze. Works well and the cheat shoots where I have my hitscan set all the time (good work @polak)
  •  I'm going, to be honest, the visuals are dreadful, the chams don't work most of the time, half of a person's body will be invisible but the other half is visible? They work but they're not desirable please giv new and improved
  • Knife bot: Works well obviously this isn't that important but sometimes it only right clicks
  • Fakelag: This works really well, good when scouting and is especially good in no spread, one of the harder parts to figure out how to config 
    Speedhack: Why is this in the menu still? it was in the menu in V3 too. Doesn't work just in case you were wondering but it's still there for some reason
  • Spectator List: Works (kinda) but doesn't refresh enough, sometimes you still see last rounds spectators
  • Lots of color options, but an option to copy colors would be nice, hard to match the same colors and the names of the things you are coloring are kinda figure out what your coloring when you first get the cheat
  • Configurations: Works perfect loads config every time, wish that when you saved a new config it asked you, you will save a config overtop of a config you didn't want to
  • Lua Scripts: Although the forums are filled with fuck tards trying to request things that aren't remotely possible, there are lots of useful things that can be made especially if you make the lua scripts yourself 
  • Although I haven't purchased this sub for myself, (someone else bought it for me) I would still buy aimware, even though this is a public cheat it does not disappoint, I would recommend for basically anything, including Legit, Rage (Spread) and Rage (no-spread).
Thank you for your review.

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