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Aimware V4
Review on Aimware V4

• The visuals are good but not the best, I would like to see a update on them most honestly.

Request For Visuals
• In the future I would really like to see a wider selection of visuals. Glow, Pulse etc.

• I would also like a wider configurable night mode, A tint so instead of black only you can choose a different shaded night mode, for example. Purple, Yellow, Green, Blue.

Rage Bot
• The Rage Bot is really accurate and helps me dominate the hvh scene, Nospread or Spread it will do the job.

• Another thing I like about aimware is how much I hit head with it, normally every game I go into I get out with 20+ kills.
Request For [b][i][u]Rage Bot[/u][/i][/b]
 • None at all, the rage bot is really good and will most likely not need a update any time soon, In my opinion.

The Legit Bot
• The legit bot is also really good, but weird to configure in my opinion.

• I also think its quite neat how many features the legit bot has.

Requests For Legit Bot
• Nothing, the legit bot seems really good from its current state.

• Honestly, I would not like anything added.

• I do find 'SpeedHack' not required though considering it doesn't work from what I have seen.

• 'Slow Motion' --/ No idea what it is so not going to review it.

• 'Fakelag' The fakelag is really good in its current state. 

Anti Aim

• I like the anti-aim because it has a wide selection of amazing anti aims.

• Nothing else needed for this section.

Skin Changer
• The Skin Changer is actually really well done.

• A feature I like about the skin changer is how the icons of the knife changes to the exact knife you are seeing on your screen.


• The support on aimware is extremely good, I requested a HWID change and it was granted in less than 24hrs.

• The staff are also really responsive.

• I have only encountered one bug, which was a blue screen.

This Is It For The Review :)

Thank you for your review, in case you want to request features you can do it in the thread we made in the Feedback section.
We are also working on fixing the bug that you named.
Nice review !

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