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aimware csgo
legitbot: u think im scared enough to even touch that rofl

ragebot: p for spread after the resolver improvements, i can run around like a brainless ape on 300 ping australian servers without sitting on my fakewalk key (dont even have it bound tbh) and still rape nabs
nospread kinda sux because my brain barely working + unlag not shooting when my ping's higher than like 50 or smth makes me die, would be nice if it was fixed even though nobody plays ns nowadays
btw why does bodyaim after x shots and bodyaim under x hp still turn off multipoint 

other epic ragebot features: rapid fire works and doesnt stop ur aimbot unlike that one other cheat ppl wear skirts and take hormones for
aa is almost p however i wish i could use <120 delta with single flick and not having it break after 1 flick (but who cares when ppl miss u without using lby breaker rofl)
aim @ chickens being removed was a mistake

visuals: not the biggest fan of the new menu but the new esp font is good, i also dislike the new damage numbers because i'm fat
misc: u cant really screw this up & every feature i use works
color picker: what the fuck happened here (compared to v3), was easier to use before but now u can change more colors so idk

community: i havent seen a single man wearing a skirt so it's ok except for the immigrants screaming about hwid resets in shoutbox

overall the hack is good unless u dont have a brain
Thanks for removing your skirt and visiting us in search for testosterone.
(09-29-2018, 08:17 AM)arpac Wrote: Thanks for removing your skirt and visiting us in search for testosterone.

you too capra!

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