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CSGO V4 Update, Summer sale and more!
cant thank u more !!! <3
[Image: ZpP0Zbd.png]
[insert picture of women's asses to look cool when i'm really not cool]
lookin sleek n1
How can I completely disable rage? Nice att.
P Update, thanks polak
keegan: i tried reversing on lsd, it went as well as u'd expect
estk: you found 0day?
keegan: if by 0 day u mean staring at 3 instructions for 10 minutes then falling out of my chair, then yes
gj polhack
[Image: 1DEFC9C062A7FFD6451ABD0939A6AE0421234CC5]
Anyway 2 view the LUA API?
ty lord polak
[Image: sk33t_nabs_zim_plz_dont_ban_me_for_this_copy.png]

[Image: 86f1059e02043dbff4e2f508084b7432.png]
I love this! Good work

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