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Aimware review
Legitbot 9/10 I don’t play much with it, but overall it’s good

Ragebot 7/10 -1. Resolver needs to be improved, misses for legit players (players without cheats) are not uncommon, u need to turn off the resolver so as not to lose the round. Also, the aimware resolves poorly people with sway AAs. In general, the resolver needs more work in many directions (but I want to say that the resolver is not bad, it needs to be further developed).

2. Fake duck needs to be finalized (especially on official servers), there are a lot of miss when you sit on a fake duck

Anti-Aim 8/10 -Anti-AIMs are good, but there are not enough changing AAs, for example, your real one stands still and the desync moves to the left and to the right of your real, and for the reverse, the desync stands in place and the real moves to the left to the right of your desync. Also not enough sway AAs

Visuals 5/10 -the visual part is good for 2016 but not for 2019 ,permanent twitchy visual AA(Yes I know that can be this turn off), displaying desyncs-awful, need to do separately displaying desyncs and displaying fakelags, need add choice Chams on desync(enough even ordinary flat Chams), Correct displaying fakelags on real model(when playing with bots fakelags look beautiful, aesthetically pleasing, but when entering the server become disgusting to look at fakelags of a real model), finally add new species chams and glow esp 

Skin changer 7/10 - skins for weapons that were recently added knock down skin changer, that is, the skin changer selects the line number of the skin and not the skin itself. Some skin animations do not display correctly, such as the skeleton knife inspection animation.

Misc 9/10 -overall good, useful things a lot, but not enough customization fake lag, it is necessary to add fake lag in move and fake lag in air

Overall rating 7.5 

I want to say that I really look forward to AW V5 and I hope everything will be fixed there, I respect the work of the AIMWARE team, but you need to go to a new level both in visuals and in rage

At the moment, AIMWARE is simply not needed as there are more elaborate cheats in all directions (from Legit to Rage)
But when AW v5 will come out , then I think and it’s worth saying which cheat is number 1.
Damn nice review
The legitbot is probably the best thing since I bought aimware.

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