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aimware master package review.
super late at night and I can't sleep so here i am with a review.

I've been cheating with aimware for about a month now and have mainly only good things to say!
So I thought I'd give you my review for every game I was able to try out.


Visuals: the ESP and Charms are very nice and I like the look of the cheat menu all the customization options they give you is perfect for designing the menu and other visuals to fit your exact taste and needs! The only problem I have with it is, it sometimes gets really hard to configure the cheat because of how the menu layout is but other than that I really enjoy the visuals of the cheat! 
(Aimware Shows Weapons, Ammo and Drone-guns in Danger Zone it's awesome!)
Legit: I have a ton of experience legit cheating with this cheat, after cheating I easily went from DMG to Global in less than a week. The legit bot is amazing, back track super nice and the whole legit part is just perfect. Highly recommend aimware for legit cheating.
: Not much of a HVH player BUT... Aimware works pretty well if you setup your config depending on your game and playstyle you might need to change your configs settings every game or so but it works well! Once you finally have your config fully setup you'll be hitting P. People like to talk bad about aimware's resolver but it actually isn't that bad though they could use an update still not enough to complain heavily about like some people do.
Overall: Pretty good cheat for the price, I'd recommend! 


Visuals: Just like the CSGO Visuals they're amazing on Battlefield! Not as customizable but still very nice in my opinion! Highly recommend ******]
Aimbot: Aimbot works amazingly! I've found no issues at all with the aimbot what soever and is almost perfect if not perfect!
Overall: Definitely worth it if you're looking to cheat in battlefield.

Garry's Mod:

VisualsVisuals are about the same as the others, pretty nice but just like the Battlefield cheat not as much customizability as the CSGO cheat but still very appealing to look at and does have a little bit of customizability.

[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Aimbot: Couldn't get the aimbot to work when I tested it, probably just a problem with my end.
Overall: I'd say if you're really looking to get a cheat for garry's mod, aimware isn't a bad place to start!

The Division

Visuals: Amazing.
Aimbot: Works perfectly + the magic bullet cheat is 10/10.
Overall: 100% Worth.


Visuals: Visuals were super nice and super customizable with many different options you could change to fit your own needs!

Aimbot: Destroyed others in HVH and Casual.
Overall: Great Cheat for TF2 I had loads of fun.

My Full Report

My only hopes from the staff is that they continue to add new cheats to newer games like BFV, Divison 2, Gears 5 and updates their old cheats currently the master package feels very limited compared to what it use to feel like.

If you're looking to start cheating you can't go wrong with aimware they're a great cheat provider and provide some of the best cheats out there for the games they have. Plus for only $200 lifetime for the master package that's a steal! 
Thank you for your review.

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