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My honest Aimware review
I’m really bored and got nothing to do so I’ll just write a brutally honest review!

I wanna start off with the Legit Bot, if you wanna buy a cheat for legit cheat use BUY AIMWARE. I have been using the legit bot almost everyday and I still have never been overwatched or VAC banned. Completely amazing. The backtrack is smooth, visuals are nice, green chams with 15% night mode to see the enemy even easier my god is it just sexy.

For the visuals, I do like the visuals but they do need a complete redo. the options are really nice, you could make some sexy ass visuals with them, but they drop your FPS so much when your HvHing! I usually get about 90-150 FPS but as soon as 3 people go to the same spot the visuals drop me down to 9-35 FPS. I would really appreciate it if it was updated!

Now for the rage bot, many people like to shit on Aimware’s capability of being a good cheat, but they’ve just never figured out how to use it. Aimware can easily be the most capable HvH cheat on the market. With my config I easily go 30-15 each game. Granted it is EXTREMELY difficult to config the cheat, and need some to be readjusted for every HVH game you play, the reward is high. I spent months on the same config trying to perfect it, and it still needs work. Aimware is not a cheat where you load a config and forget about it, every couple of rounds you need to readjust Numbers For it to be ‘perfect’.  The resolver isn’t a problem on aimware, while it is still a very good resolver, it could use some updating.

little bit extra but I really like the menu of aimware, it’s not like the others but instead it has its little logo bar on top with sections for every little thing lol.

Overall, would I recommend aimware to players? Yes, I most definitely will.

Ragebot: 9

Legitbot: 10

Visuals: 6 (only because of the FPS drops, otherwise pretty nice)

In general: 8

thank you.
Thank you for your review.

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