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Aimware review
So i have aimware for about 1,5 week.
The cheat has amazing legitbot.
Good ragebot
And the visuals are good for the eye. It`s not too bright and not too dark. Just perfect
But the cheat has 1 issue (for now)
When i join a game i have lag spikes it was not so earlier. (maybe after cs:go update)
The cheat is doing fine not banned from VAC (Valve Allow Cheating)

What can i write more about aimware to bring newcomers to purchase this cheat?
If you search for an amazing legitbot+ragebot (just in case someone start raging in your match) then this cheat is perfect for you!
(not sponsored lmao)
The cheat is not optimized for bad laptops/pc`s so you must watch out!
I hope this review is a little bit diffrent from others.

As last typical sentence
English is not my first language for misspels could appear, but i hope you could understand what i meant with my review.
I hope you have nice day/night.
Thank you for your review.

(08-26-2019, 10:16 PM)gimjego Wrote: The cheat is not optimized for bad laptops/pc`s so you must watch out!

It is optimized, you just have to turn on the adaptive features.
Purchase the best configurations at
But i will give fps drops anyways.
That`s why i wrote for bad laptops/pc`s because i tested it on 8 years old laptop.

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