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Aimware review
I've never bought any csgo cheat before, well, I have, but not this expensive, just some like, 420cheats and omniaim lmfao.

I was planning buying lifetime from the beginning, but I went on a school trip, where everyone in my class got 30 euros, so I just saved 20 of those for buying aimware, so to the important part:

The legit bot is really good, it looks like it a legit human who aims, the rcs is smooth, as with the aimbot, and it doesn't look like it's snapping or anything.

The rage bot is okay, I wouldn't say it's the best, but it might just be because I don't have a good enough config, but I would say some cheats have better, but I mostly play legit, so aimware is perfect for me.

Now as for the visuals, they're pretty good, can get quite confused since there's a decent amount of stuff under the visuals tab, something I wish they had, is health chams, they do have health glow, but I like health chams more, as I don't like looking through the wall for people, (only if they're blatant).

Misc tab has a decent amount of stuff too, not the most, but I'll say later on how to get more under there, possibly at least.
One annoying thing is the clantag changer and the chat spammer because, for the clantag, you can only set Aimware as your clantag, and you can only spam Aimware in the chat, they have a good reason for it, because why would you need anything else as clantag? Though sometimes it would be nice to put something as, for example, "$username is trash," or if you want to impersonate someone, then be able to put "Astralis" or "Cloud9" as clantag, but whatever. But for the chat spam, read Lua scripts

The skin changer is really easy to use since I hate skin changers that have all the skins for every weapon (like you can choose dragon lore for usp and so on.) Most of the time, the skins look terrible on their unoriginal weapon, and it also makes it hard as there's for example, asiimov is for the m4a4, awp and ak47 so it can be confusing which one is the right one, that's why I like it simplistic so I can actually find the right skins, so I don't have to google for a skin for the weapon.

Now, the Lua scripts, my absolute favourite part about aimware, no doubt, Lua scripts make it so aimware pretty much has unlimited features, as you can have something like a chat script, where you can have death say, kill say and so on, and just a chat spammer that spams the chat with whatever you want, but sadly there are none for clan tag, maybe because it's impossible, or it might be against the rules to do so, I don't really know.

And they just added a feature that saves you loaded Lua scripts in the config so when you load it, it loads the scrips, but one flaw about that, is it loads it from the top, and down, and some scripts will overlap others, such as a script called Fake vac ban, and matchmaking server chooser, and I have to unload them and load them in the correct order so they don't overlap.

I think I got around almost everything about the cheat, I really like the cheat, and I'm still planning on buying lifetime, but I'll wait till my subscription run out lol
Thanks for your review.

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