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AW review after 2 years
hello friendos and friendesses. waiting for pizza so might as well make a review.

For first time users: looks complicated with all the buttons and bars but thats just good as you can set it however you want. (it will take you few moments to understand it all [then its about playing with it to improve it to your style and then some learning of rage bot functions, all can be looked up on forums])

Legitbot:  honestly legitbot has room for improvements, specifically the RCS (recoil control system) it can be smoother not trying to compensate each bullet. 
Other than that it is very legit and simple to use. you can set the fov, smooth, rcs rating to your gamestyle. 

Rage: Ragebot is very well done. has a lot of options and possibilities how to set each individual gun. REMEMBER it is very much about your config so please play with it, look for some cfgs on forums and tweak them (you can find some good configs on forums)

other than that, Visuals are just OP. there is literaly everything you might want to ever visualize, all kind of variations of enemies, as well as objects, such as bomb, bomb timer, who has kits and so many things you will not need but are fun to play with.

Last thing to mention are Lua scripts. check them, as they can in legit and also in rage way improve your game a looot. 

well pizza is here so for all new users, have fun playing with AW. Its simplicity and quality just makes it a tier 1 cheat. (and yes in my time i have tried many)

Thank you for your review.

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