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Team Fortress Classic Cheat

Our industry leading Team Fortress Classic cheat is the perfect solution for legit, rage or hack-vs-hack gamers. We offer a multihack that includes every features. Infact, like all our other products, we offer features that other cheat providers can't offer to their customers.

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Supported OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-bit & 64-bit).



  • Active
    Master switch

  • Aimbot

    • Enable
      Disable or enable aimbot

    • Auto Fire
      Aimbot fires automatically

    • On Key
      Aimbot fires on key press

    • Toggle Key
      Setup key to disable or enable aimbot

    • Fire on Key
      If the aimbot should fire when aiming

    • Friendly Fire
      Aim at teammates


    • Enable
      Disable or enable triggerbot

    • Auto Fire
      Triggerbot fires automatically

    • On Key
      Triggerbot fires on key press

    • Seed
      Force bullet trajectory to hit a

    • Mode
      Setup if triggerbot should compensate for recoil, spread or both

    • Delay
      Delay before triggerbot will fire

    • Burst
      Triggerbot will keep shooting for specified time


    • Head
      Trigger on head

    • Chest
      Trigger on chest

    • Stomach
      Trigger on stomach

    • Arms
      Trigger on arms

    • Legs
      Trigger on legs

    • Teammates
      Trigger on teammates

    Pistol / Rifle / Sniper

    • Speed
      Speed of aimbot movement

    • FOV
      Aimbot only aims when target is in field of view range

    • Recoil
      Control recoil smoothly

    • Spread
      Control spread smoothly

    • Hitbox
      Select hitbox to aim at

    • Time
      Delay of aimbot firing

    • Auto Wall
      Shoot through penetratable walls


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Aimbot

    • Enable
      Disable or enable aimbot

    • Auto Fire
      Aimbot fires automatically

    • FOV Range
      Aimbot only aims when target is in field of view range

    • Silent Aim
      Your view doesnt move while aiming

    • Auto Pistol
      Makes pistols fire automatically


    • Anti Spread
      Removes bullet spread

    • Anti Recoil
      Removes bullet recoil

    • Auto Wall
      Shoot through penetratable walls


    • Selection
      Type of selection algorithm to select targets

    • Friendly Fire
      Aim at teammates

    • Hitbox
      Select hitbox to aim at

    • Hitscan
      Check multiple points on hitbox to aim at

    • Min Damage
      Minimum damage aimbot has to make


    • Enable
      Enable or disable anti-aim

    • X
      Type of anti-aim on X angle

    • Y
      Type of anti-aim on Y angle

    • At Targets
      Make anti-aim point at targets direction


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Options

    • Box
      Show 2D Box

    • Box Outline
      Show outline around the 2D Box

    • Name
      Show name of entity

    • Weapon
      Show current or all holding weapons

    • XQZ
      Show models behind walls

    • Chams
      Show colored models


    • All
      Show all entities

    • Players
      Show players

    • Enemy Only
      Show enemies only

    • Weapons
      Show weapons on ground


    • T
      Color of team

    • CT
      Color of team


    • Crosshair
      Show cheat crosshair

    • No Visual Recoil
      Remove visual recoil

    • Glow
      Adds glow around players

    • Glow radius
      Size of glow around players


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Speedhack

    • Enable
      Enable or disable speedhack

    • On Key
      Setup key to turn on speedhack

    • Factor
      How fast your movement will speed up


    • Enable
      Enable or disable fakelag

    • Factor
      How hard you will lag

    • Switch
      Randomize factor

    • Adaptive
      Adapt factor to velocity

    • While Shooting
      Stop lagging while shooting


    • Enable
      Enable or disable namestealer

    • Interval
      How fast you will steal names


    • Enable
      Enable or disable autostrafer

    • Mode
      Differnenet modes of strafing

    • Visible
      Makes your strafes visible to spectators

    • On Ground
      Gain speed while walking

    • Telehop Speed
      Turn rate after you go through teleports


    • Auto Jump
      Jump automatically while holding space

    • Edge Jump
      Jump before falling from edge

    • Menu Key
      Setup key to open menu