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H1Z1 Cheat

Our industry leading H1Z1 cheat is the perfect solution for legit, rage or hack-vs-hack gamers. We offer a multihack that includes every features. Infact, like all our other products, we offer features that other cheat providers can't offer to their customers.

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Supported OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit).





    • On Key
      Aimbot fires on key press

    • Fov
      Aimbot only aims when target is in field of view range

    • Smooth
      Set aimbot speed


    • Players
      Aim at players

    • Zombies
      Aim at zombies

    • Animals
      Aim at animals


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Options

    • Box
      Show 2D Box

    • Box Outline
      Show box outline

    • Name
      Show name of entity

    • Health
      Show current health

    • Distance
      Show distance between you and the entity

    • Gear
      Show players and zombie inventory


    • All
      Show all entities

    • Players
      Show players

    • Zombie
      Show zombie

    • Animals
      Show animals

    • Weapons
      Show weapons

    • Vehicles
      Show vehicles

    • Loots
      Show various loots

    • Map Point
      Show saved map point

    • Air drop
      Show air drops


    • Radar
      Show cheat radar

    • Radar Range
      Set radar range

    • Radar Size
      Set radar size

    • Map Point
      Show the window to save point of interest on the map



    • Menu key
      Choose which key you want to use to open the menu

    • No fall damage
      Don't get hurt when fallling

    • Super jump
      Jump as high you want

    • No clip
      Fly around the map and go inside other player's building

    • Teleport
      Teleport to the closest player, random player or to saved map point