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Grand Theft Auto V Cheat

GTA V was one of the most anticipated games of 2015, we were among the first to release a cheat due to the work of our development team, to this date we provide many features such as God Mode, Teleport, Aimbot and much more!

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Supported OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit).




  • Active
    Master switch

    • On key
      Aimbot fires on key press

    • Fov
      Aimbot only aims when target is in field of view range

    • Hitbox
      Select hitbox to aim at

    • Selection
      Set target selection

    • Auto Fire
      Aimbot fires automatically


    • Players
      Aim at players

    • NPC
      Aim at NPC

    • Animals
      Aim at animals


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Options

    • God Mode
      You are invincible and you don't get any damage

    • No Ragdoll
      Disable player ragdoll

    • Unlimited Sprint
      You will never get fatigued

    • Super Jump
      Jump higher

    • No Wanted Level
      You will never be chased by the police

    • NPC Masskill
      All NPC ( pedestrians, animals, police.. ) dies as soon you get closer

    • Player List
      Show the player list


    • Enable
      Enable or disable speedhack

    • On Key
      Setup key to turn on speedhack

    • Factor
      How fast your game will speed up


    • Enable
      Enable or disable fastrun

    • On Key
      Setup key to turn on fastrun

    • Factor
      How fast your running will speed up


    • Enable
      Enable or disable the teleport

    • On Key
      Teleport to the marker when pressing a key


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Options

    • No Recoil
      Removes weapon recoil completely

    • No Spread
      Removes weapon spread completely

    • No Reload
      Removes weapon reloading

    • Unlimited Ammo
      Your weapon will never run out of bullets

    • Fire ammo
      Makes the players you fire at on fire

    • Explosive ammo
      Makes your ammo shots explosive

    • Explosive melee
      Makes your melee hits explosive

    • Heavy Bullets
      Hit vehicles so hard they will fly away

    • Uber Damage
      Destroy players and vehicles in one or few shots

    • Uber Range
      Increase weapon range to shoot long distant target


    • Give All Weapons
      Get all game weapons


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Options

    • God Mode
      Vehicle won't explode or take damage

    Vehicle Spawner

    • Active
      Show the Vehicle Spawner

    • Bypass Online Vehicle Spawn
      Bypass to spawn vehicles online

    • Bypass Vehicle Kick
      Bypass the kick from the vehicle

    Velocity Boost

    • Active
      Toggle the boost for the vehicle

    • On Key
      Setup key to turn on the boost

    • Multiplier
      Velocity multiplier

    • Scale
      Velocity scale


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Options

    • Box
      Show 2D Box

    • Box Outline
      Show outline around the 2D Box

    • Name
      Show name of entity

    • Health
      Show healthbar of entity

    • Weapon
      Show current weapon name of entity


    • All
      Show all entities

    • Players
      Show players

    • Pedestrians
      Show pedestrians

    • Animals
      Show animals

    • Vehicles
      Show vehicles


    • Crosshair
      Show cheat crosshair

    • Radar
      Show cheat radar

    • Radar Range
      Set radar range

    • Radar Size
      Set radar size