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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Cheat

Our CSGO cheat is industry leading with the perfect combination of legit and rage features. Our developers have profound experience which allowed us to become the most popular CSGO cheat on the market today.

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Supported OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32-bit & 64-bit).




  • Active
    Master switch

  • Aimbot

    • Enable
      Disable or enable aimbot

    • Auto Fire
      Aimbot fires automatically

    • On Key
      Aimbot fires on key press

    • Toggle Key
      Setup key to disable or enable aimbot

    • Fire on Key
      If the aimbot should fire when aiming

    • Friendly Fire
      Aim at teammates

    • Auto Pistol
      Configurable auto pistol

    • Chickens
      Aim at chickens


    • Enable
      Disable or enable triggerbot

    • Auto Fire
      Triggerbot fires automatically

    • On Key
      Triggerbot fires on key press

    • Seed Percentage
      Percent of bullets hit before triggerbot will shoot

    • Mode
      Setup if triggerbot should compensate for recoil, spread or both

    • Delay
      Delay before triggerbot will fire

    • Burst
      Triggerbot will keep shooting for specified time


    • Head
      Trigger on head

    • Chest
      Trigger on chest

    • Stomach
      Trigger on stomach

    • Arms
      Trigger on arms

    • Legs
      Trigger on legs

    • Teammates
      Trigger on teammates

    Pistol / Rifle / Sniper

    • Speed
      Speed of aimbot movement

    • FOV
      Aimbot only aims when target is in field of view range

    • Recoil
      Control recoil smoothly

    • Spread
      Control spread smoothly

    • Hitbox
      Select hitbox to aim at

    • Time
      Delay of aimbot firing

    • Smooth movement
      Aiming while moving mouse

    • Auto Wall
      Shoot through penetratable walls


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Aimbot

    • Enable
      Disable or enable aimbot

    • Auto Fire
      Aimbot fires automatically

    • FOV Range
      Aimbot only aims when target is in field of view range

    • Silent Aim
      Your view doesnt move while aiming

    • Perfect Silent Aim
      Your view doesnt move for spectators while aiming

    • Auto Pistol
      Makes pistols fire automatically

    • Speed Limit
      Configurable aimbot speed to avoid VAC kick error

    • Auto AWP Body
      Setup more accurate hitbox for AWP

    • Aim at Chickens
      Aim at chickens

    • Revolver Secondary Fire
      Setup automatically secondary fire when using revolver


    • Anti Spread
      Removes bullet spread

    • Anti Recoil
      Removes bullet recoil

    • Auto Wall
      Shoot through penetratable walls

    • Position Adjustment
      Corrects player position to hit speedhackers, fake laggers and surfing players

    • Resolver
      Increases chance to hit players with anti-aim

    • Auto Stop
      Stops the player automatically in order to improve accuracy

    • Auto Crouch
      Ducks the player automatically in order to improve accuracy

    • Auto Scope
      Scope weapon automatically in order to improve accuracy

    • Hit Chance
      Calculates the percentage of bullet hitting before the aimbot fire


    • Selection
      Type of selection algorithm to select targets

    • Friendly Fire
      Aim at teammates

    • Hitbox
      Select hitbox to aim at

    • Multibox
      Check multiple hitbox to aim at

    • Multipoint
      Check multiple points on hitbox to aim at

    • Point Scale
      Adjust points of hitbox

    • Min Damage
      Minimum damage aimbot has to make


    • Enable
      Enable or disable anti-aim

    • X
      Type of anti-aim on X angle

    • Y
      Type of anti-aim on Y angle

    • At Targets
      Make anti-aim point at targets direction

    • Wall Detection
      Hide behind walls

    • Fake Duck
      Fake that you are ducking

    • Fake Duck In Air
      Fake that you are ducking in air


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Options

    • Box
      Show 2D Box

    • Box Outline
      Show outline around the 2D Box

    • Name
      Show name of entity

    • Health
      Show current health

    • Weapon
      Show current or all holding weapons

    • Skeleton
      Show model skeleton

    • Hitbox
      Show player hitboxes

    • Aim Spot
      Show aim spot

    • Chams
      Show colored models

    • XQZ
      Show models behind walls

    • Glow
      Show glow around the model

    • Has C4
      Show if player has c4

    • Has Defuser
      Show if player has defuser

    • Is Defusing
      Show if player is defusing

    • Competitive Rank
      Show competitive rank of player

    • C4 Timer
      Show information about defusing and exploding time of C4

    • Armor
      Show if player has kevlar and how much is left


    • All
      Show all entities

    • Players
      Show players

    • Enemy Only
      Show enemies only

    • Weapons
      Show weapons on ground

    • Characters
      Show characters

    • Chickens
      Show chickens

    • Planted C4
      Show planted C4

    • Grenades
      Show throwed grenades


    • Crosshair
      Show cheat crosshair

    • Crosshair Recoil
      Show circle of where bullets will go

    • Radar
      Show cheat radar

    • Radar Range
      Set radar range

    • Radar Size
      Set radar size

    • No Visual Recoil
      Remove visual recoil

    • No Sky
      Remove sky

    • Transparent Walls
      Makes walls transparent with given alpha

    • Anti screenshot
      Clean screenshots

    • Visuals Toggle-key
      Setup key to toggle visuals

    • No Flash
      Remove flash effect

    • No Smoke
      Remove smoke effect

    • Grenade Tracer
      Show predicted trajectory where grenade will go


  • Active
    Master switch

  • Speedhack

    • Enable
      Enable or disable speedhack

    • On Key
      Setup key to turn on speedhack

    • Factor
      How fast your movement will speed up


    • Enable
      Enable or disable fakelag

    • Factor
      How hard you will lag

    • Switch
      Randomize factor

    • Adaptive
      Adapt factor to velocity

    • While Shooting
      Stop lagging while shooting


    • Enable
      Enable or disable autostrafer

    • Mode
      Differnenet modes of strafing

    • Visible
      Makes your strafes visible to spectators

    • On Ground
      Gain speed while walking

    • Telehop Speed
      Turn rate after you go through teleports

    • Auto Jump-Bug
      Allows you to land from high heights without taking any damage


    • Enable
      Enable or disable namestealer

    • Interval
      How fast you will steal names


    • Restrictions
      Prevent getting banned by MM anticheat or SMAC

    • Menu Key
      Setup key to open menu

    • Panic Key
      Setup panic key

    • Auto Jump
      Jump automatically while holding space

    • Edge Jump
      Jump before falling from edge

    • Bypass Client-Side
      Bypass any client-sided blocks

    • Anti Spawn Protection
      Dont target spawn protected players

    • Chat Spam
      Spam chat with messages

    • Air Stuck
      Freeze in air

    • Name Spam
      Spam with name changes

    • Spectate All
      Turn on this anytime to move througth the map like noclip

    • Knifebot
      Enable knifebot

    • Teleport
      Teleport the player

    • Bypass sv_cheats
      Enable cheat protected cvars

    • Enable hidden cvars
      Enable hidden cvars in console


    • Player List
      Enable or disable player list

    • Show Spectators
      Enable or disable spectators list

    • Skin Changer
      Enable or disable skin changer


    Terrorist / Counter-Terrorist / Characters / Other

    • Box
      Color of box ESP when entity is invisible

    • Box (Visible)
      Color of box ESP when entity is visible

    • Chams
      Color of chams when entity is invisible

    • Chams (Visible)
      Color of chams when entity is visible

Player List

  • Set All Players
    Auto apply options to all players

  • Pitch Correction
    Correct player pitch angle when he is using anti-aim

  • Yaw Correction
    Correct player yaw angle when he is using anti-aim

  • Wall Dtc Correction
    Apply different correction when player is hiding behind wall

  • Friend
    Make aimbot ignore this player

  • Priority
    Make aimbot target this player first

  • Bodyaim
    Make aimbot aim at players body to increase accuracy when he is using anti-aim

Skin Changer

  • Active
    Master switch

  • Paint Kits

    • Enable
      Disable or enable paint kits

    • Weapons
      Choose weapon

    • Skins
      Choose skin for weapon


    • Enable
      Disable or enable knife changer

    • Knives
      Choose knife


    • Wear
      Sets the weapon wear condition

    • Seed
      Sets the weapon pattern

    • StatTrak
      Sets the weapon stattrak (kill counter)

    • Name
      Sets the weapon name